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  2. Hold the wire mesh in place, or have a friend hold it for you, and then press an industrial staple gun -- with staples slightly smaller than the depth of your frame -- onto the top corner of the mesh. Pull the trigger and insert a staple into the top left corner, and then the top right corner. Secondly, what do you do with chicken wire
  3. Hengyi Metal Mesh Installation Instructions of stainless steel wire rope mesh, More Details: https://www.ecozoomesh.com How to attach wire mesh to frame ins..
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  5. i would sandwich the mesh between two metal frames and bolt them together. or plug weld the frames together with the mesh sandwiched between. being animal enclosures you don't want sharp screws or bolt ends etc pointing inwards
  6. Screws, and washers to attach the wire, work well at first, but after a few years, I find the screw holes, or the screws rust, so they don't withstand the test of time very well
  7. Attach the chicken wire to this part of the frame or post using the staples or wire pieces. Move your hands down to the edge of the chicken wire and stretch the wire again by pulling away from the center and away from the previous fence post. Attach that section of chicken wire to the post

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Step 3: Cut to Size and Tack. For my window, I only had two openings that needed chicken wire. So, I cut two squares of chicken wire to size. But if your wiring the whole thing, I would suggest rolling the wire across the back as a whole and tacking into place. My life isn't that simple though Hold the wire mesh in place, or have a friend hold it for you, and then press an industrial staple gun -- with staples slightly smaller than the depth of your frame -- onto the top corner of the..

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STEP 2) Staple the Chicken Wire to the Post. Attach the wire to this post using the staples as on the primary post. Move your hands down to the edge of it and stretch the wire again by pulling away from the center and away from the previous fence post. Attach that section of wire to the post too. Continue this process until that fence post or. Chicken wire for the garden can be very useful. Here are the 25 DIY Chicken Wire Projects for you to follow! 1. Waste Bin. This is a 2 purpose DIY bin that you can use either as a yard waste bin or as a compost bin. You can create this project using wires and a few more basic supplies with this easy tutorial from the Empress of Dirt Poultry netting, sometimes referred to as chicken wire, is often used for fencing small animals, as well as poultry. Stretching the wire tight can be a challenge due to the light nature of the wire. With proper efforts, the wire can be properly placed between posts, although a tight stretch with no sagging may not be. Use wire cutters to trim off any sharp edges along the edge of the chicken wire. Step 4 - Align and Attach Chicken Wire on Fence. Have someone help you line up the piece of chicken wire on the chain link fence. If the chicken wire is not the exact same height as the chain link fence, line up the chicken wire at the base of the fence. This is. Nov 30, 2014 - Homemade Wreath From Chicken Wire With Endless Possibilites!: Start with a strand of chicken wire that is of approximately 3 1/2 foot in length but at least a foot /12 in. in width. Most rolls of wire that you can get from the farm or hardware store are 2 foot in width so cutting an existing role straight dow

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Chicken wire fencing is a popular way to contain small animals such as chickens and rabbits. The purpose of the chicken wire is not only to protect the animals from predators but to prevent them from escaping. The ideal chicken fence that a builder should strive for is a strong and firm wire that is able to withstand attacks from both the contained animals and the predators of contained animals Attach Wire Roll out chicken wire and use a heavy-duty stapler to staple one end of the chicken wire inside of the frame along the top. Press the wire so that it is flush and taut to the opening of the frame and secure with staples along the inside of the bottom This simplest way for me to measure and cut was to unroll the wire flat on the floor and use paint cans to hold each end down. I took a good pair of wire cutters and started to cut across at the appropriate length I measured. A safe way to cut the chicken wire is it to keep your wire cutters between at a 45-90 degree angle so your hand is ABOVE. Use small edging nails to attach it to the frame so it overlaps the edge of the chicken wire and covers it. Warning Should you choose to cover the edges of the chicken wire with molding, mark where the molding will end on the door frame and hold the door back into position on the cabinet with the interior facing out

Hold a piece of wire mesh on the face of the wall where an electrical box is installed, and overlap the lower edge two inches onto the sheet below. Use the tips of the sheet-metal scissors to snip a hole in the wire mesh 1/4-inch bigger than the box at all sides.Attach the sheet with screws at each chalk line Here's a look at a bunch of crafts that call for chicken wire, mesh backing or cut metal sheeting -- all of which you can pick up for pennies at your local hardware store. As you can see, chicken wire typically comes in pre-measured rolls. It's very shiny when new and can be aged with time, or spray painted black (or any color you like. Cut the chicken wire with wire cutters or tin snips. Use 6-foot-wide rolls of chicken wire with a 1-inch mesh constructed with heavy-gauge wire so the frame is as sturdy as possible and small. Unwrapping a roll of chicken wire. These 5 foot high rolls of chicken wire are my new favorite form of poultry corralling. Our local independently owned hardware store special ordered them for us. The highest chicken wire I was able to find at Lowe's was only 3 feet long and cost almost as much as the bigger roll

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  1. Instead of a single wire, use chicken wire to shape a three-dimensional frame. Although you can mold the wire into shapes manually, wrapping the wire around an object gives it a more uniform shape. For example, create an orb by wrapping a beach ball with the chicken wire, or wrap wire around a florist cone to create a cone shape, and then.
  2. Chicken wire is being beautifully incorporated in décor for the rustic-themed home. I am very impressed with the number of different and attractive ways that chicken wire is being used. In this article, you will find everything from picture frames and cabinet doors to Christmas tree ornaments and jar wraps—all using chicken wire
  3. Dexter Michigan. I have a 10x30 run, 6 feet high, made from kennel panels. To cover it I ran 1x4x12 across the width and down the middle. I have two 4x4 on end to add support. Across the top I ran chicken wire from side to side and stitched them together with zip ties

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  1. 2. Cut a piece of wire to 10 cm (3.9 in) longer than the width of the frame. Measure the width of the picture frame with a ruler or measuring tape and add 10 cm (3.9 in) to the width. Measure out the wire to this length and clip it with pliers
  2. 25+ Unique Chicken Wire Frame Ideas On Pinterest | Christmas Card inside Staples Picture Frames - annecyskate.com. Attach the chicken wire using a staple gun on the edges of the frame. You can skip this step if you want but chicken wire is used to support the succulents and soil. Step
  3. um tubing. Both materials were out of the question for fabri-cation of the large element necessary for a 14 MHz TASH antenna. This led to consid-eration of other suitable materials, such as galvanized poultry netting, better known as chicken wire. Chicken wire is definitely a rather unique antenna material

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Set the frame on top of another piece of chicken wire and trim to the correct dimensions for the top of the cage. Lay that piece or pieces of wire on top of the wire frame. Bend the edges of the wire downward so they don't stick. Attach the top all the way around by bending and using cable ties to secure it CUSTOMIZE THE COLOR: Metal chicken wire comes in a silver color but can easily be spray painted to match your project or décor. PROJECT IDEAS: Attach chicken wire to a window frame and add a wreath for a rustic holiday decoration. Use clothes pins to hang photos, postcards or holiday cards. Create an earring or hair bow organizer Chicken wire A-frame; Using untreated cider, create a small frame with long legs. Staple the [amazon link=B0797R7M8H title=Garden Mile chicken wire] into the frame, using hinges attach two frames at the top, thus allowing for flexibility. The trellises last for many years, and you can make as many trellises as possible The chicken wire will be placed in between these layers. Cut the layers according to the size of the window. Make sure that the two layers have the same measure for the window opening. Step 3 - Attach the Wire. Using a staple or nails, attach the wire in one of the two layers. Make sure the wire covers the window opening All good thinking. Beeman we use the ZipTies to attach the chicken wire to these frames, and that works well. My hesitation on doing it that way with roof panels is that out in the open with the incessant wind, the wind would keep working on the panels and the holes would keep getting bigger until the roofing material started to tear

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  1. Plan for roughly 4 square feet of chicken wire per bird. Proper stretching and installation of the chicken wire is a two person job. Align one edge of the wire with your first fence post or the edge of the wood frame. Hammer poultry staples into the top, center, and bottom of the fence posts. While doing this, also place poultry staples around.
  2. Pound metal T-posts into the ground with a sledgehammer or post driver. T-posts should be put in the ground until the V is covered. W; Attach mesh to T-posts with wire ties or baling wire. Attach mesh at the top of the post, in the middle of the post, and at the bottom of the post
  3. Attach the wire mesh around the garden to all posts in the same manner. 8 Grasp the tip of a metal coat hanger where it wraps around itself near the top hook with pliers
  4. Step 6. Attaching the Wire. Attach the wire with steeples to the posts. Be sure to attach it every 12 inches or so. Steeple the wire the length of the post to be sure it is secured tightly. If you are burying the wire in a trench be sure to leave enough in the ground, then start attaching it from the bottom of the post up
  5. 2. Loop the wire through the middle hole of the steel plate. Make sure that you provide yourself with an even amount of excess wire on either side of the frame. You will need the excess wire to secure the two ends together. Make sure you have left enough slack in the center of the wire to hang it with
  6. Galen Bontrager: Hello! I am Galen Bontrager, owner and operator of Galen Bontrager Farm near Wellman, Iowa and we are doing this video on how to build a chicken-coop. We are on the step now where we cover this entire pen; we will wrap it with chicken wire and the metal frame and get it fully enclosed here. For this step we have a two foot wide.

Attach the wood molding frames with finishing nails to cover the edges of the chicken wire inserts. Once mounted on the cabinet door frames, the chicken wire inserts can be accented by a. Add a 3 by 3 door by the side of the coop place hinges 2 inches from sides and from the bottom of the door. Places the coop and run side by side. Use a zip tie to attach the flap to the fence at the top. Cover the entire top eighth the net and secure it tightly with the t-straps. 4) Simple Wood And Wire Structure Chicken Run Pla Attach the picture wire. Cut a length of picture wire six to eight inches longer than the frame is wide. Thread one end of the wire through the screw eye and twist it back on itself two or three inches. Repeat on the other side. The picture is now ready for hanging Chicken wire, by its very nature, provides a perfect material for attaching things. Set into a lovely frame of your choice (this one is antique and ornate; you could play around with something completely contemporary and streamlined), chicken wire could be the next functioning - and stylish - bulletin board in your life

Attaching wire mesh to vinyl fence or wood fence comes down to selection. The types of wire mesh range from welded wire or No Climb to Field fence. Even plastic safety fence, while not attractive, has been used. This brings up a problem which is the wire mesh. Even though it is galvanized, it will continue to rub on the post leaving. 2. Build a vertical garden structure using wooden frame and chicken wire: See the easy tutorial: homemadelovely.com. 3. So crazy idea to create giant allium flowers with spray painted chicken wires:. Get the genius tutorial at: feralturtle.com 4. Make easy chicken wire cloches to keep chickens off your garden and yard plants To finish your wire fence installation, install your choice of gate per the manufacturer's instructions. Alternatively, you could build your own fence gate. Build the frame of the gate and staple mesh across the front of it. Use shims to keep it level and plumb, then attach it to your gate posts with hinges and a latch Chicken wire is kinda sharp, and I could see it scratching and leaving lasting marks on my cabinetry. I also didn't have a great way to attach it. I couldn't exactly just nailed it into my walls. So, the chicken wire option was a no-go! I began researching other options for balloon arches and there wasn't a lot out there

Step 3. Mix the mortar with water to the consistency of toothpaste and apply to the chicken wire with the trowel . It should be about an inch thick to support the weight of the stones. Place the stones against the mortar and push. Continue this process until the whole skirting is covered. To add to the effect, do not place the stones too close. The best way to attach mesh fencing to wood posts and rails is with galvanized U-staples. I suggest using staples no smaller than 3/4 inch for this purpose. Article by Andrea Moore. 8.5k. Backyard Fences Garden Fencing Acreage Landscaping Pool Fence Mesh Fencing Mother Earth News Wood Post Deck Railings Dog Runs Use the 10-gauge metal wire to attach the wood blocks to the fence. Use strong leather gloves to protect your hands. Optionally, drill four to six holes through the wood blocks and pull the wire through the holes as you wrap it around the fence and the wood blocks. This will ensure the block is attached securely

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What are some of the most reviewed products in Metal Chicken Wire? Some of the most reviewed products in Metal Chicken Wire are the Everbilt 1 in. x 2 ft. x 10 ft. Poultry Netting with 262 reviews and the Acorn International 2 in x 6 ft. x 150 ft. Poultry Netting with 114 reviews. Which brand has the largest assortment of Metal Chicken Wire at. Homemade Wreath From Chicken Wire With Endless Possibilites!: Start with a strand of chicken wire that is of approximately 3 1/2 foot in length but at least a foot /12 in. in width. Most rolls of wire that you can get from the farm or hardware store are 2 foot in width so cutting an existing role straight dow Next, coat the chicken tractor and the gate with chicken wire. This was a breeze to attach with the air staple gun, but you can use many different methods. Some tips:-The more tension you put on the wire, while stapling, the nicer the coop will look. Create tension by pulling away from the area you'd like to make taut: if i'm nailing the upper. 1. Find or create a wire base. Use wire cutters to cut a long piece of sturdy wire to the length and height you want the arch to be. You can also purchase a balloon arch kit from the store, and use the wire frame from there. Because wire gets flimsier the longer you cut it, this method is best used for smaller arches

Using a staple gun, attach the chicken wire to one long side of the frame, stapling it to the ledge. Trim the chicken wire to size (of the rectangle) using tin snips. Staple the other side of the chicken wire to the ledge on the other side of the frame.Don't worry about stapling the chicken wire on the short sides of the frame, it isn't necessary Wire mesh (or chicken wire). The good thing about this design is it allows for repurposing. I had a 2-meter (roughly 6 feet) roll lying around from a previous project so I got to put that into good use. Heavy wire or zip ties for tying the structure together. Pliers — of a kind that can cut through wire mesh and wire. Some thick working gloves Get this stock video and more royalty-free footage. unrolling chicken wire. ️Best Price Guaranteed ️Simple licensing. Download Now I found some that were DIY, but most of them included purchasing a metal wreath form that was in the shape of a horse's head. I wasn't going to spend $20 just for a metal frame. Others I saw used chicken wire to make the frame. That looked pretty cumbersome, so I decided to try to create my own frame The south end is enclosed the same as the sides. The north end is a pallet wall with a wooden door. The peak area is just chicken wire. There is chicken wire attached around the bottom and covered with a bit of dirt to discourage digging. Lots of wood staples and zip ties. The frame was put together with construction wood screws. Power screw.

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Cut out and wrap the second wing in the same manner as you wrapped the first. Leave a 1/2-inch border of chicken wire as you cut out the shape, and then wrap each cut piece of chicken wire into the silver wire until the wing is fully outlined. Be sure to create a connection loop like you did with the first wing Chicken Wire (a small roll of it, to create a quick armature if needed) Suction Cups with Hook. Safety Pins. Command Hooks. Hot Glue Gun. When approaching a job, the wall surface dictates the types of mechanics that are used. Here's a breakdown of what I have found to work for each surface. How to Attach Greenery, Vines, and Foliage on a. I built 10x30ft run using welded wire professional dog kennel panels attached to vertical and horizontal 4x4 posts and covered with corrugated metal roof. I ran 1/2in hardware cloth around the lower portion of the run attaching to the horizontal 4x4 sills and 24in up full width of hardware cloth and attaching directly to the kennel panels Step 8 Starting at a corner, attach the end of your roll of welded wire. Use the baling wire or metal ties to tie the wire to the post at the top, the middle and the bottom. Once the roll is attached, carefully unroll and stretch the wire to the next post. Tie the wire to the pole. Continue to the corner

Predator Proofing Your Chicken Coop and Run. You can save a lot of time, birds, and grief by making the initial investment to predator proof your chicken coop and run. Keeping backyard chickens is a wonderful way to grow some of your own food and learn about animal behavior, but it does present the flock master with a few challenges Create sturdy and attractive fencing using wood and cattle pen panels. The wood is drilled for the wire, and the wire is cut to size. Add wood caps to the posts for added decor. 5. Chicken Tractor. Build a hoop style chicken coop or chicken tractor using galvanize step and cattle pen panels to form the hoop

For the top 3 feet, we used 1-inch welded wire, mostly as a cost consideration. Using 1/2-inch on the whole chicken run would be the most predator-proof choice, but because this is just a day run, the 1-inch is fine, less expensive and easier to cut and work with. It should keep out all predators except maybe a small weasel I have glued tile to the edge of a heatilator fire box 2 or 3 of metal . I'm have not looked at your stove but what i would do is just nail wire lath to the wall and over hang the wire in front of the metal unit . Use a good thin set mortar to skim coat the wire and then use thin set to glue the tile . Joh The wire trellis is one garden trend that's here to stay. Wire trellises for climbing plants are an easy DIY way to extend the garden vertically up a wall or fence. Long-lasting metal wire is the perfect match for a timeless plant such as ivy (or wisteria, clematis, or climbing rose) Attach to gate frame with 1/2″ screws (one at the top, one at the bottom and one in the middle). 5. Hang the gate with three gate hinges of your choice. 6. Attach a latch choice on the outside of the gate. Our latch is similar to this one. It may be necessary to add a small piece of wood to support the latch Cut the heavy wire into lengths for ties. Attach the ends of the chicken wire together with the wire ties, using pliers. Space wood or metal posts around the inside of the chicken-wire circle. Holding the posts tightly against the wire, pound them firmly into the ground to provide support. To build a wire-mesh unit with hardware clot

Using heavy-duty wire cutters, cut four pieces of chicken wire to match the width and height of each of the box's sides, with 2 inches added to both length and width for a necessary 1-inch overlap on each side to attach them to the box. Use the even grid of the chicken wire to help keep your lines as straight and even as possible Attach 2 hinges 18 in (46 cm) from the top and bottom of the fence post with screws and a drill. Hang the door so the bottom is flush with the ground. Screw in the hinges on the side of the door to attach it. Hook one end of a hooked spring to the fencing on the gate and the other end to the fencing of your run No matter what size of wire grid you use, avoid anything that leaves sharp edges that can catch your cat's paws or skin. Various wire gauges are available. The lower the gauge number, the stronger the wire. I recommend the durability of 16-gauge fencing wire (chicken wire is typically 19-22 gauge). Remember, while window-screen mesh has tiny.

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Chicken wire was actually invented back in 1844 by an English ironmonger called Charles Barnard. He lived in Norwich which was a cloth weaving town. He took the basic principles from the cloth loom and applied it to wire and created a simple, cheap and easy way to keep small animals and poultry penned in one area Bird Netting and Wire. The beauty of bird netting is that it is nearly invisible. It does require support however: you'll need something to attach it to, and you will need to staple or otherwise fasten it every few inches to prevent it collapsing under the weight of a full-grown Clematis. Wire is more easily seen, but is also sturdier

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  1. Once you have the wooden frame and chicken wire portion constructed, use a drill to drill a hole in each of the corners on one side of the frame. Next, screw an eye hook into each corner to be able to attach the picture wire. Measure how far down you'll need the structure to hang from the ceiling (in our case, it was two feet)
  2. This chicken run is made of galvanized tubing and features a durable metal roof to ensure the enclosures stability over time. Even better, your chickens will stay cool, dry and happy with the Oxford cloth waterproof roof cover that offers sun protection and blocks rainwater. Heavy-duty chicken wire fully encloses the sides, door and roof to.
  3. How To Add Wire Mesh Grille Inserts To Cabinet Doors (The Easy And Inexpensive Way) like hardware cloth or even chicken wire. But I find those rolled types of wire to be so frustrating to work with. To insert the metal piece into the door, I just placed it inside the rabbet on back and then put a thick bead of hot glue along the edge. I.
  4. 8. Metal Mesh Trellis. You can easily use a bit of metal mesh or chicken wire to make a simple DIY trellis. Simple zip tie 4×8 sheets of metal mesh over 3×6 pieces of untreated lumber and attach them to the back of your raised beds. Easy as that
  5. Place your chicken coop so that it is partially in the shade but still gets plenty of sun, and add windows covered with chicken wire to ensure plenty of fresh air. Inside of the coop, hang a thick stick or a piece of wood to give the chickens a roosting area, and add a nesting box filled with straw for every 4-5 laying hens

Stretch chicken wire between the posts for the run area on the right two-thirds of the rectangle, vertically between the posts (as walls) and horizontally (as a ceiling), using poultry staples to attach it to the wooden frame. Install the chicken wire so it goes to the bottom of the trenches for protection against digging animals and re-fill. Cost effective, high quality chicken wire mesh. Use for small animal enclosures, chicken coops, fruit cages, general gardening & DIY applications. Choose from ECONOMY, STANDARD or SUPER grades to suit all budgets and needs. Learn more here. Key info: Hexagonal mesh in range of sizes. Galvanised steel - rust protection Step 1: Step 1: Gathering Materials & Painting the Frame. To start off our project we made a materials list of everything we would need to start building. It includes the frame wood, the planks, screws, chicken wire, and white latex-weathering paint For this, you might build a frame and attach metal roofing to create a wall, or you might use whole pallets stood up on their end. Sliding pallets over t-posts is a good way to get pallets to stand up on their own. Attach your four walls together with woodscrews building frames if you need them. With all 4 walls up, you'll add your roof Assembling the human frame. Cut and attach all of the PVC pieces together as shown in the picture above. Use the chicken wire to create a structure for your PVC framed body. Create two legs using tubes of chicken wire then attach the wire to the PVC frame by snipping the wire and wrapping those cut pieces around the frame

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Once the frame was in place, Mason used sell-drilling metal screws to attach chicken wire to the frame. To put a door in the pen, he attached another piece of pipe as support in one side. I also used this idea to make a storage shed. Instead of chicken wire, I stretched a tarp over the top, says Mason Make a cage of chicken wire and attach the edge to itself. Wrap the burlap around the entire cage and secure with rope. This will prevent damage from winds in any direction. This cage will prevent rabbit and vole damage as well. Once the ground thaws and temperatures warm, remove the cage and store it for the next season. Printer Friendly Version Step 3) Attach the Remesh Panel to Wood Frame. With the wood frame still on a flat work surface, lay the sheet of remesh wire on top of the backside (e.g. where your L-brackets are showing, if you used them). Once it is square along the frame, I suggest to screw down the corners first to prevent things from getting out of whack as you go These doors are made from a simple frame made with 2-by-2-inch lumber plus a diagonal cross brace, which is then covered with chicken wire. Flat metal braces reinforce the corners of the frame. If you wish, the door can be secured to the end studs with hinges mounted on one side of the door

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GARDEN CRAFT 150-ft x 2-ft Gray Steel Chicken Wire Garden Poultry Netting Rolled Fencing. item number 5. Red Brand Welded wire 100-ft x 4-ft Silver Steel Welded Wire Farm Welded Wire Rolled Fencing. it has a rating of 4.6 with 134 reviews Create a Tee Pee for Climbing Veggies Using Bamboo. The Coupon Project. These simple bamboo tee-pees work great if you have a vegetable garden in need of stakes. You should be able to find these bamboo sticks at a local garden center for around $1 a stake, but they can also be ordered online. You'll Need An old lamp base can be made into a vintage looking dress form when you add chicken wire and a hanger. This is a stunning project and it's not terribly difficult to pull off. I love the entire look of this. It would be perfect for a craft room or office or even in the bedroom to hang and organize various things. Tutorial/Source. It's time to attach the 24-by-24-inch sections of hardware cloth to each of the eight wooden panel frames of the chicken run. We used a manual staple gun for the job, but you could also use roofing nails to pin down the hardware cloth. It's important to keep the edges straight and properly aligned with the wooden frame

Tie each join of rebar with tie wire. Make sure you have rebar wherever you want to put window or door frames, as well as any other similar features. Tie any window or door frames, as well as your wiring conduit and fixtures to the main rebar and remesh frame. Attach a metal mesh to the rebar using tie wire or, better, hognose clips Install the rafters as shown on illustration above. Rafters are spaced out 24″ O.C. Toenail 3 1/2″ nails through the rafters and into the wall frame. Cut two 2×4's to 10′ long, rip the 2×4's to 2 9/16″, cut an 18-degree bevel cut to the edge. Nail 3 1/2″ nails through the 2×4 and into the rafters

Spread a length of chicken wire or cattle fencing across the frame. The fencing should only go as far down as the plant's soil level will be. Since the frame is made of wood, it'll be easiest to nail the fencing in place. To install the trellis, you'll have to attach it to the outside of the raised bed using nails or screws Learn how to make Chicken Wire Heart Wreath With Photos at JOANN fabric and craft store online. Find detailed step-by-step instructions to complete your project today This is a variation of the elevated hen house I mentioned earlier. The elevation in this coop allows for extra space underneath as part of the attached chicken run. The pallets were dismantled to be used for cladding around the frame of the main coop. The chicken was made separately with wooden beams and chicken wire Chicken Wire Trellis. If you have some old chicken wire lying around from other projects, stapling a piece inside a simple wood frame can give you a quick and easy DIY trellis to use for your tomato plants. Check out this example which uses chicken wire and an upcycled window frame: Chicken Wire Old Window Trellis @ rindymae.blogspot.com Once the door frame is complete, wrap chicken wire around it, so that it sits on the outside of the frame. Fix off with the staple gun. Hammer in any staples that are sitting proud. Use tin snips to cut any excess wire. Make sure the wire is tucked around the frame and stapled securely

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Esright Chicken Playpen Outdoor Large Chicken Coop Walk-in Metal Hen Cage with Waterproof Cover 19' x 9' x 6.5', Backyard Chicken Enclosure 44 $449.99 $ 449 . 99 Walsport Large Chicken Coop Walk-in Metal Hen Cage Duck Cage Rabbit Nest Fence Chicken Cages for Chicks Outdoor Backyard Farm with Waterproof Cover(19.7×9.8×6.6ft) The metal does its job well and lasts for a long time. For a DIY raised bed cover, we recommend using either chicken wire or hardware cloth. It isn't actually a cloth, but rather a roll of flexible, gridded wire. Hardware cloth is considerably easier to cut, store, and work with than chicken wire, without sacrificing quality You can also use barbed wire fencing staples, the thick ones that have to be pounded in with a hammer, to hold the wire in place. We used those type of staples when attaching the chicken run wire to the exterior walls of the chicken coop. On top of the door is a solar-powered motion detector light that was purchased for around $20 to $25 U Nails - Smooth or Barbed Shank Provided for Different Needs. U nails refer to a kind of fasteners with two-pronged shanks. These U shaped nails are usually used for attaching the mesh fences to wooden posts and frame, hence the name fencing staples. The nail shanks are available in smooth and barbed types for different requirements There are a few items you will want to have on hand before building your float. A staple gun, nails, wire, chicken-wire, 1 X 1 and 2 X 2 construction grade wood and plywood can be purchased at your local hardware store. Once you have an approved* float design and all of the necessary materials you are ready to begin construction

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