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They are the best of the vintage baritones. All of the Martin horns have a sweet sound, and a very lush lower end. The horns from 1933 (Handcraft Committee) through the early 60's (the Magna) can hold their own with anything ever made. There are lots of variations on the Martin theme, and below are the ones that I think you should consider Even with some imperfect horns in the bunch, the Mark VI is still widely considered the best saxophone ever produced, with many modern manufacturers emulating its design and ergonomics. Keilwerth SX90R 1989 to Present The Keilwerth Saxophone Company was founded in 1925 by a German craftsman named Julius Keilwerth

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  1. Looking to sell or trade your saxophone? You've come to the right place! We pay top dollar for professional and vintage horns in good shape. We take great pride in restoring saxophones and returning them to top playing condition. We strive to be the best place on the internet to sell your professional saxophone! Ple
  2. PM Woodwind carries many vintage and modern saxophones as well as a vast line of mouthpieces for soprano, alto, tenor, and bari. PM Woodwind provides some of the best repair work you can find and has a knowledgeable staff who will find you just what you need
  3. The 6M alto, 10M tenor and 12M baritone saxes are among the best vintage horns in the world. They are famously known as The Naked Lady horns because of the engraving of a semi-nude woman on the bell. Conn 6M Alto Conn 10M Tenor with silver plate and gold bel

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  1. MINT Condition '64 Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Soprano Sax in Original Silver # 121362. Add to Cart. $7,500.00. WOW! Vintage C.G. Conn Original Silver Plate F-Mezzo Saxophone, Serial #213628. Add to Cart. $8,495.00
  2. Chart History. The WWS Saxophone Comparison Chart was a mild-fluke of an event; and it was created to help you! During one long lunch break, I believe it was mid-2010, I wanted to pick Sarge's brain as we discussed many of the greatest saxes of all time and we added our opinions to them
  3. Alto Saxophones for sale including the best vintage and modern alto saxophones at great prices! Selmer Mark VI, Yanagisawa, and Yamaha 82Z; Conn, Buescher and King
  4. Everybody knows vintage saxophones are worth money now, Overton says. We work on a lower margin but still do a ton of volume. His store sells $150,000 worth of saxophones a month
  5. The vintage saxophone you've been looking for is at Vintage Band Instruments. Click here to shop online for vintage saxophones, mouthpieces and more! Alto Saxophone King H.N. White circa early 1920's Serial #797XX $390.00. Baritone Saxophone ConnHigh Pitch circa 1914 Serial #303XX $1600.00. Alto Saxophone Buescher 40
  6. Another excellent choice in the vintage saxophone realm is King saxophones. King saxophones were typically the most ornate and extravagant of all American-made saxophones. Their crowning jewel is the Super 20 model, which in it's Silversonic version sports a solid sterling silver neck and bell, mother of pearl on every key, and sometimes even.

Selmer Super Balanced Action. This is a classic vintage saxophone. I've never really been into vintage saxophones, but the build quality of this instrument is incredible. Selmer made this model between 1948 and 1953, and this particular saxophone was made in 1949 - which means it's over 70 years old Helen has a somewhat sizeable collection of vintage saxophones, and many of them them are quite obscure. If you would like to check them out, you can see them for yourself on her website.. If you have particularly unusual saxophone that you haven't been able to find any information about, use the Contact page on this site and perhaps Helen can assist you in finding out more about it YAS-62 is a very long one of the best saxophones among professional level players. This instrument was first introduced in 1979, and to this day it didn't disappoint its player. Yamaha is known for producing quality and durable instruments. Features Of This YAS-6 1988 Morris Ave | Union, NJ 07083. 1-800-USA-HORN | 908-688-3555. usahorn@usahorn.co

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Goldbeck 'Makers #3' Alto, 1920s - 0.051″. $229.00 - These are 1920s vintage mouthpieces with a dark tubby tone, from a large chamber. They have fluted sidewalls on the exterior that had special ligatures (very hard to find)--the got lost, bummer. Their design and sound is very similar to the early Otto Link Master models IMHO, the best saxophone is the one that can best suit the player. If the player plays mainly classical music, a King Super 20, for instance, would be a poor choice as a main horn. Last year, I started a thread on SOTW regarding a Vintage Saxophone Shootout: what is the best horn and mouthpiece combination for each style of music? I post some. Tenor saxophones for sale! Best vintage and modern pro tenors at great prices! Selmer Mark VI, Yanagisawa, and Yamaha 82Z; Conn 10m, King Super 20, Buesche Saxophones. Here at Saxquest we strive to maintain a large inventory of top-shelf vintage and modern saxophones, from the great Selmer Mark VI of yesterday to modern makes such as P. Mauriat and Keilwerth. If you don't see what you're looking for today, check back in a week or less, our inventory changes that quickly Unrestored Vintage Saxophone Values. While it's impossible to predict prices around the country, a top-of-the-line, unrestored but restorable vintage sax might be worth up to $300, with the most desirable models (Conn 10M and 30M, King Super 20, Buescher 400, etc.) demanding a little more

We are here to Sell, Rent, Teach, Service, and Satisfy all your Musical Instrument needs. Let us help YOU! 1.800.479.118 Saxophones - vintage v. modern vintage horns require a little bit more thought from their owner before they will truly give of their best. So, if you're convinced that a vintage horn is the way to go then you might find a few tips useful when choosing one. First off - ignore the hype.. The value of vintage Selmer saxophones are nowadays greatly determined by: 1) The exact condition and especially whether the horn was ever relacquered or if it still has its original lacquer. The price difference between original and relacquer can be many thousands of dollars for certain serial numbers. 2) The serial number, ie. when it was made

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A member on SOTW started a thread last December, in an effort to make this case choosing easier for owners of vintage, and not so vintage, saxophones. The Definitive case compatibility chart thread contains 97 posts at the time of writing, and covers many of the most common—and lesser common thanks to yours truly —SATB saxophones, and. A ngular arpeggios, bar honking, playing out, playing in...the tenor sax and its players have led the jazz world for more than 70 years. Any of the horns below could help you lead jazz in the next millenium. Horns marked with an asterisk (*) are scheduled for a standard VintageSax pad job.This means the sax will be completely disassembled, cleaned, polished, have necessary dentwork completed.

Vintage Buescher 400 'Top Hat & Cane' Alto Sax w/ White Pads Overhaul - Serial # 336282 Sold Vintage Buescher Aristocrat 140 Alto Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #35326 Vintage Saxophones. Related Categories. Auction Alerts. Of all the band instruments, the saxophone has generated the most controversy. Its creator, who earnestly set out to make a new kind of instrument in the 1840s, was attacked for making a tool of the devil, capable of manipulating a listener's sexual desires with its sound. For the next. Buescher 1950 'Top Hat and Cane 400' Bb Tenor, #334k. $3,999.00 - One of the sax world's favorite saxes - TH&C in original finish. #334k dates it to 1950. There's no need to sell this one. The report on this one is that due some bumps in the history, resolders and all, you can play this one with the intent Best 5 Antique, Old & Vintage Saxophones In 2021 Reviews. Top Buescher Saxophone Model For The Money In 2021 Review. Best Two C-Melody Saxophones For Sale In 2021 Reviews & Guide. Top 2 Eastman Saxophone Models To Buy In 2021 Reviews & Tips. Top 4 Yanagisawa Saxophones & Parts For Sale In 2021 Reviews

All that said, plated horns- particularly silver horns- will tarnish. You can retard the tarnishing process by storing the horn wrapped in anti-tarnish silver cloth or keeping anti-tarnish strips in the case, but if you touch the horn, rest assured it will tarnish. I advise my customers to just keep the horn clean and let the rest happen naturally and we can polish it again in 7-10 years when. SELMER S90 ALTO SAXOPHONE MOUTHPIECE EXCELLENT A1 CONDITION SAVE $$ OFF NEW. $85.00. ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. Selmer S90 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece. $85.00. - Custom Finishes: Gold Plated, Vintage Brass, Silver Plated, Copper, Black Nickle - Travelmate Molded Hard Case for Easy Handling - EZ Adjustable Key Mechanism Saxophones. Our list of good, used Soprano, Alto, Tenor, C Melody and Baritones saxophones changes regularly so check back frequently or contact us at dave@junkdude.com if you don't see what you are looking for. Click the 'Browse' button to sort different models

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The Tenor Saxophone Comparisons aka The Shootout. I have chosen to compare five saxophones, three vintage and two modern. The vintage saxophones are my own two tenors, a 1930s Conn 10M (Naked Lady) and a 1950s The Martin, along with a 1954 Selmer MKVI which I borrowed. The two modern tenors are a Yanagisawa 901 and one of the new. Vintage Brilhart Hard Rubber 4* Alto Sax Mouthpiece - Shachter Refaced - Serial # 106554. Add to Cart. $375.00

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We specialize in vintage Selmer Paris saxophones, Mark VI, Super Balanced Action, Balanced Action and earlier. Those are the instruments we are most interested in and we offer fair prices for these fine vintage saxophones. Often times we are able to make a cash purchase offer. Or you can choose to consign your saxophone. Our consignment rate is. Best 5 Antique, Old & Vintage Saxophones In 2021 Reviews. Best Two C-Melody Saxophones For Sale In 2021 Reviews & Guide. Top 2 Eastman Saxophone Models To Buy In 2021 Reviews & Tips. Top 4 Yanagisawa Saxophones & Parts For Sale In 2021 Reviews. Best 15 Saxophones For Sale In 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide The options are actually quite simple and include: Craigslist, eBay, Reverb, consign through a shop, or sell whole sale to a music retailer. There are a couple of key points to remember when selling anything of value: The higher the price, the longer it will take to sell. When selling through eBay, Reverb, or consignment there is going be a 10%. Yanagisawa Saxophones are the best in the world for me. The build quality, sound, intonation, design, ergonomics and playability make them second to none in. Hello Sax Players My name is Neal Battaglia. I am a saxophone player and teacher who is dedicated to helping sax players across the world. Speak Saxophone..

THE MARTIN TENOR SAXOPHONE SER# 12094 FIRST YEAR MADE 1919 NEEDS RESTORATION. $1,450.00. $75.00 shipping. or Best Offer. VINTAGE MARTIN ELKHART INDIANA ETCHED SAX SAXOPHONE SERIAL No. 59647 & CASE. $61.00. 2 bids. $43.05 shipping. Ending Today at 8:33PM PDT Shop the best selection of alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, and more at SamAsh.com and get the lowest price and fast, free shipping. Sign Up For Our Newsletter Get the latest info on new gear, special sales, in-store events and more A look at the differences between a modern (Yamaha) and a vintage (Buescher) saxophone

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If you have a vintage saxophone, then it is either a vintage student/intermediate saxophone, or a vintage professional saxophone. If it's a vintage student instrument, then it is probably well-made (much better than modern student/intermediate instruments). It also probably needs to be overhauled, which costs $500 at the bare minimum, and can. Barnard Instrument Repair offers for sale a quality selection of vintage and modern saxophones, mouthpieces and other instruments. Brands include Selmer Mark VI, Selmer SBA, Conn, King Super 20, Buescher, Grafton, Yamaha and more

selmer paris alto saxophone Vintage 1933. $3,060.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. 10 watching. 1967 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone - Repadded and Playing Great! Make an Offer! $8,100.00. $87.23 shipping Yamaha YAS-62III Alto Saxophone. $3,091.99. A favorite among band directors for decades, the 62 model saxophones (and their predecessor, the 61) have redefined the market by offering superior quality and durability at an affordable price. Introduced in 1979, the YAS-62 and YTS-62 saxophones.. Over the years, these have become the most predominant saxophones in jazz and most songs are written for them. You occasionally get some players using a Bb soprano saxophone, but that is a rare sight, and it's mainly used in rock, pop, or technopop. With that in mind, it's clear that the Eb alto and the Bb tenor have established themselves.

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Sax on the Web Forum Since 2003 A forum community dedicated to saxophone players and enthusiasts originally founded by Harri Rautiainen. Come join the discussion about collections, care, displays, models, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more Unlacquered silver horns will always tarnish so If you are really concerned about keeping your saxophone looking all pretty and shiny all the time then the bottom line is, don't buy a vintage silver saxophone! Unlacquered horns. These days lots of manufacturers including ourselves offer saxophones without any lacquer or plating whatsoever The Kaizer ASAX-1000LQ is arguably the best cheap alto saxophone on the market and is certainly the best alto saxophone under $500. For a beginner, spending thousands on a sax is just not realistic. These budget-friendly saxophones are perfect for diving into the world Adolphe Sax invented and discovering the beauty of its sound

Buescher 1973 'Buescher 400' Eb Alto #600k. Posted in Altos , Saxophones January 10, 2019by Chadd Berry 0 Comments. $1,599/899.00 - Underslung neck; Classic, big 400 bell flare; Lacquer body nickel keys; Original pads and snap in resos. the late era changed to stainless steel springs (not the screw in, gold versions) Best of the Best. Selmer. SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone. Check Price. Bottom Line. This mid- to upper-range model offers the tonality and action comparable to higher-end instruments. Pros. Recommended for soloists and ensemble members. Professional key styling, impressive mechanical action Bob Ackerman: I have devoted a substantial part of my life to the study of music. Within the last fifty years, I have played thousands of instruments. My first good horns were a '56 Conn alto and a '53 Martin tenor and they were great playing horns, but Selmer Mark VI's were all the rage. The process of instrument-making has changed from.

Conn saxophones in the late 1920's were essentially an evolution of the earlier models. There were, of course, improvements in keywork (the cross-hatched G sharp key of 1925, for example), and a redesigned straight soprano in 1928. The Conn instruments were considered the standard of excellence of the period, and a total redesign was not needed Vintage Elkhart Band Co Silver Alto Saxophone w/ Gold Wash Bell #VAS52. C $686.06. C $137.25 shipping Blessing Alto Saxophone 4 Mouthpieces High f# Key Serial 802531 ($2300 new!) $249.99. $62.80 shipping. or Best Offer

Feb 6, 2017 - Explore John Asendorf's board Saxophone Bell Engraving, followed by 148 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about saxophone, sax, vintage saxophones Bnineteenteam Saxophone Lambskin Leather Pads, The Saxohone Pads Replacement with 25pcs Multi Size for Tenor Saxophone. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 13. $19.69. $19. . 69. Get it as soon as Fri, Jun 18. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Though best known for their straight shape, soprano saxophones are now available in a variety of configurations. They may be had straight, straight with removable straight and curved necks, and fully curved. A curved neck soprano sax allows the soprano sax to be held closer to the body, more at the angle the clarinet is held. This is more. Their vintage brass and wind instruments are still valued among players and collectors today. The first saxophone ever built in America was built by Gus Buescher in 1888, when he was a foreman for Conn. He would later leave Conn and start the Buescher instrument company also headquartered in Elkhart, and build a line of great saxophones of his own Vintage 1939-40 King Zephyr Tenor Saxophone - Fully Repadded - Make an Offer!! £1,910.42. £101.82 postage. or Best Offer

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Jupiter JTS1100SG - Most Unique Tenor Sax. The Jupiter series of saxophones build their instruments in a unique way so that the end result is a sax that has a beautiful vintage tone. This sax is possibly the smoothest sound, overall. It is an intermediate sax with pro features, a perfect finish, and easy action C $2,490.10. C $249.01 shipping. or Best Offer. Vintage Conn C-Melody 8M New Wonder Saxophone, Nice Restorable Condition! SAX. C $616.30. C $118.28 shipping. or Best Offer. 13 watching The saxophone is an instrument that has been making beautiful music for over 120 years. The best soprano saxophone brands like Selmer, Yamaha, Cecilio, and many others have given incredible musicians the means to make some of the best music the world has ever heard Rampone & Cazzani are making fine hand made saxophones in a lot of different finishes. The top-of-the-line R1 and R1 Jazz saxophones feature a very large bore and gold plated bodies, for a sound closer to a vintage sound than that offered by any modern saxophone

Vintage Reborn ® saxophones come in a vintage inspired, wood-shell case with padding molded to your instrument for the best of modern protection. The Vintage case is covered in a beautiful tan faux leather, and the interior is lined with a soft, plush purple fabric with Cannonball ® embossed on the inside lid King Soprano Saxophone Gold Plate Fresh Overhaul Amazing! 99847. $ 3,250. Just freshly overhauled!! This got a full restoration, so it's back to like new mechanical condition.This is the vintage soprano you should get! This amazing gold plated King soprano saxophone will blow the walls down We all know tenors are the best saxophones, but which ones are the best tenors? For those of us who love to try great vintage horns, it would be helpful to create a list of the best (most desirable) vintage tenors from each major manufacturer. When possible, try to be specific to the time period/serial number

At the intermediate level, I would recommend the Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L+92D+P E flat Alto saxophone with the Yamaha-480 being a close second. My choice of the best alto saxophone for the professional level is definitely the Yanagisawa WO20 series. Even though it might seem a little steep this instrument is a masterpiece and promotes. Store. Saxophone.org owes a huge THANK YOU to Saxquest, the Saxquest Saxophone Museum and Saxquest owner, Mark Overton for creating, funding and maintaining this web site as well as contributing historical knowledge and museum and archival content. This site in its current form culminates a near decade long project consisting of two main goals

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In 2000, Selmer announced the launch of 2 new saxophone models inspired by two of their greatest vintage horns. As the name suggests, the Selmer Reference 54 is a modern saxophone inspired by the original 1954 Mark VI horn, whilst the Selmer Reference 36 harks back to the Balanced Action of the 1930s Details King Silver Sonic Tenor Saxophone #292277 This is a relacquered King Super 20 Sliver Sonic tenor saxophone with full pearls, gold inlay, and solid sterling silver neck and bell. It has a rich, vibrant, resonant sound and a solid center, not too spread Vintage Finishing Overhaul Saxophone With No Chemicals: I wanted to restore the look of my old yamaha tenor saxophone because it was really ugly, for the lacquer being worn out. It also needed some pads to be replaced. For this one I wanted a vintage look instead of just unlacquering and leaving the bar Bassic-Sax (Vintage Ads) Saxpics.com NAMM.org (Interviews) Dr. Margaret Downie-Banks. Saxophone.org Saxophone.org Video Gallery TheSax.Info The Conn Loyalist Bassic-Sax Saxpics.com USAHorn.com. Conn-Selmer Homepage Conn-Selmer Factory Tour Conn-Selmer on Facebook Conn-Selmer on Twitte

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- more vintage stock is available (see list at bottom of this frame, below), but most saxes are awaiting restoration, customization, or both. Vintage saxophones in the works, and forthcoming: - Buescher New Aristocrat alto with 01 neck. The serial number on this example is very close to Rascher's. Full restoration Vintage saxophones for sale | The Bassic Sax Blog. For Sale. Vintage saxophones for sale. Helen. April 16, 2021 April 29, 2021. Update: 2 of the 4 horns have sold. Only the Kohlert and the Pierret alto are left. I have decided that it is time to put a few of my seldom to never-used horns up for sale. I didn't really mean to become a collector. Stencil Saxophone List. by Paul D. Race . As explained in our article Evaluating Vintage Saxophones explains, Stencils are vintage saxophones saxophones that were made by name brand companies like Buescher, Martin, and Conn, but labeled for other companies. Usually they had fewer features, less engraving, etc., but at least they were solid compared to offbrand horns

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Early vintage Holton Eb Alto Saxophone. This is the precursor to the Rudy Weidoeft Model from the 20's. Extra keys: forked right hand Eb; right hand G# trill key; right hand high D trill key; front high F key; no articulated G# in the left hand. Was repadded and adjusted by our local saxophone repairman and is in excellent working condition Great Vintage Saxophones Part Two. In part two, I'll discuss saxophones made by other prominent American brands, as well as Selmer, and a couple you may or may not know about. Buescher. The very first saxophone made in the United States was built by Gus Buescher (properly pronounced Bisher) in 1888 when he was a foreman for Conn KB Sax specializes in vintage Selmer saxophones - Mark VI, Super Balanced Action, Balanced Action and earlier. We are an official dealer of Yanagisawa saxophones. Kim Bock (KB) is the creator and maker of the handcrafted KB saxophone necks.Our shop also sell mouthpieces and ligatures that are specially selected for their high quality and consistency A woodwind showroom and repair shop since 1989 located in NYC, home to the world's largest collection of vintage saxophones and RW saxophones and accessories

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Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone. Starting at $3,799. Crafted on the design of classic Yamaha 62 models, the YTS-82Z is a part of the company's professional Custom Z series. The second generation features a one-piece hand engraved bell, V1 neck, and adjustable Front F key. Years of production: 2012-present Best place in Toronto to find Vintage saxophones is?? I'm guessing the larger music shops might not be the place to go? Like Long & McQuade or Cosmo Music? And we'd need to go to a specialty shop? Recommendations? I know Masullo Music in BC has some.. But Since SI'm from TO... No replies yet. Be the first Vintage Saxophone & Woodwind Parts. Showing all 6 results. Selmer MKVI Side Key Ball Mechanism Connector $100.00 Add to cart; Selmer MkVI Lower Stack Clothing Guard $100.00 Add to cart; ORIGINAL MkVI LH Plastic Thumb Button $50.00 Add to cart; Original BUESCHER Snap-In pad snaps.

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Their vintage saxophones are known for their huge sound (some say the best saxophone sound), but the ergonomics of their key work are not the most comfortable for some people. King: King was a US-based manufacturer of band instruments, located in Ohio. Their saxophones were popular among many of the best jazz musicians around the 1940s and 1950s Retro Revival New Yorker Replica Vintage NY Meyer Bros Small Chamber Alto Sax Mouthpiece (6S) My Thoughts. Very similar to the Retro Revival Alto New Yorker medium chamber mouthpiece, the small chamber New Yorker has a full bodied warm sound across the entire range of the saxophone Professional Tenor Saxophones. We scour the world to provide only the best of the best and what we categorize a Professional saxophone based on its performance and its build quality, not it's marketability. These saxophones are guaranteed to be only the BEST saxophones available on the market today! View Pro Tenor If you're looking for a saxophone in Minnesota, you need to visit The Sax Shop at Schmitt Music in Brooklyn Center - we carry a large selection of both modern and vintage instruments, necks and mouthpieces. For one-of-a-kind to current production, give us a phone call, email or stop in today, we would be happy to help Vintage Professional Saxophone Timeline. by Paul D. Race. This article is an attempt to help vintage saxophone shoppers compare apples to apples when presented with various vintage brands and models. Many sellers present any old saxophone they've come across as a rare, highly desirable piece, worth thousands in any condition

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TM Custom The Session Tenor Saxophone. After 10 years of producing and refining the TM Custom 500SL, we have developed another tenor saxophone as it's compliment, the TM Custom Session. The goal of stellar intonation, clean articulation and fast response is always at the forefront, but the core sound and feel of the Session is. As sax players, we are all searching for the Holy Grail of saxophones from alto saxophone, tenor saxophone up to bass saxophone.Ask most people what their ultimate sax would be and the usual answer is a Selmer Mark VI from 1956-1962.. And they are wonderful instruments

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