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Photographs of the abandoned mansion come about a month after Birdman sold his Miami, Florida, home for $10.85 million. The nine-bedroom Miami home has almost 20,000 square-feet of living space, with numerous guest suites, a private beach volleyball court, two wine cellars, a movie theatre and a chef's kitchen with its own pizza oven The mansion was even featured in the music video for Birdman and Lil Wayne's 2005 song Neck Of The Woods. On entering the house, twin staircases can be found on either side of the enormous hall. mediadrumimages/ @bigexplorez I found out about the place searching online but I didn't know where exactly it was, Carter said

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  1. in this video we explore this massive beautiful mansion that was owned and abandoned by young moneys CEO Birdman!!!!! he abandoned this mansion during hurric..
  2. Birdman reportedly abandoned the stunningly beautiful home after Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana Credit: mediadrumimages.com / @bigexplorez 13 The house included a custom built studio room.
  3. Birdman and Toni Braxton, who have been on-and-off since 2016, reportedly tied the knot in February. And Birdman isn't the only celebrity to have abandoned a mansion. Rapper Nelly recently soldhis abandoned St. Louis, Missouri, pad for $600,000

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The house even was on the verge of generating income, when a Saudi prince proposed to rent it for $250,000 a month for several months. Because Birdman has another mansion in his native New Orleans. The rapper Birdman has offloaded his sprawling Miami mansion to a buyer who reportedly paid $10.85 million. Birdman has a more than 3,000-square-foot master bedroom on the property Rapper Bryan Williams, higher identified by his stage identify, Birdman, abandoned his huge Louisiana mansion shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. And it seems he hasn't returned since. The 10,948 square-foot property was broken because of the devastating storm, which killed greater than 1,800 folks. Now, the eerie New Orleans house has sat vacant and

Birdman's money problems are becoming more and more apparent. After failing to sell his massive 7-bed, 11-bath, 20,000 sq. ft. mansion with access to a private beach in Miami, the hip-hop mogul. The house, with an onyx bar, golden toilet, and two pools, sold out of receivership for $10.85 million, The Real Deal has learned. The golden toilet in Birdman's former waterfront Miami Beach. Rapper Bryan Williams, better known by his stage name, Birdman, abandoned his massive Louisiana mansion shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. And it appears he hasn't returned since. The 10,948 square-foot property was damaged as a result of the devastating storm, which killed more than 1,800 people. Now, the eerie New Orleans home has sa We Found Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Mansion Hiding In Tennessee. Did you know there's an abandoned Playboy Mansion in Tennessee? It sounds like a B-movie, but it's true. Photographer Chris Condon even visited, recording the eerie locale with a keen eye for its devastating detail. Take a look at this strange place of once-upon-a-time. Birdman's unloaded his massive Miami estate, known for its super-exclusive location on Palm Island, where another famous resident once lived Al Capone!!!. The rapper and record exec sold the.

BryanBirdman Williams House. New Orleans, Louisiana (LA), US. Bryan Williams (born February 15, 1969),better known by his stage name Birdman or Baby, is an American rapper and record executive from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the co-founder of Cash Money Records and one half of the duo Big Tymers. Along with his releases with Big Tymers and. The house that hip-hop built: Birdman's Cash Money mansion is for sale in Florida Prev. Next. Cash Money Records founder and rapper Bryan Birdman Williams has been trying to sell his giant Florida mansion for awhile now, and just recently he slashed the asking price by 33%. Now listed at $13.

Palm Islands is one of the most exclusive addresses in Miami Beach, Florida.This 19,970 square foot home situated on a 30,000 square foot lot with 100 linear.. Living Large: Rap Star Birdman's Miami Beach Mansion Is Built For Partying. MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) - We're here at 70 palm Ave in Miami Beach. The house has 20,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms. Tour Of Birdman's Abandoned Mansion In New Orleans... During Hurricane Katrina! (Never Came Back) BROKEN? 467,423 views. Uploaded March 04, 2021. Via Jays Forbiddenexplorations Quavo Sent The Repo Man To Saweetie's House This Morning; Took Back The Bentley! (Footage Of Saweetie's Christmas Bentley) 469,147 views. World Star Hip Hop Email. Copy Link URL Copied! Print. Birdman is looking to fly the coop in Miami Beach. His waterfront mansion on the city's man-made Palm Island is up for grabs at $15.5 million. Hopefully the. Rapper Bryan Williams, better known by his stage name, Birdman, abandoned his massive Louisiana mansion shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005

What was the price of Birdman's abandoned house? And Birdman isn't the only celebrity to have abandoned a mansion. Rapper Nelly recently sold his abandoned St. Louis, Missouri, pad for $600,000. Carson Wentz puts NJ house up for sale at $1.7 million aft.. Clyde Pangborn, known in aviation circles as 'Upside-Down Pangborn' was a stunt pilot, who was the first to fly non-stop across the Pacific Ocean. Russell Boardman; the record setting, former stunt pilot for Howard Hughes, died in 1933 competing for the Bendix Trophy. It seemed as though the Quiet Birdmen was comprised of some of the most. Aside from Birdman, Rabbits are the only enemies fought, making this stage the location with the smallest variety of foes. By contrast, it has more files and information about the backstory than anywhere else. Despite the house being supposedly abandoned for a long time, electricity is still available A little less than 50 miles southeast of Cleveland, Ohio, sits a 25,000-square-foot abandoned mansion. Before going to prison on a rape conviction in 1992, Mike Tyson lived in the lavish home just 20 miles away from where he used to train

Tour Of Birdman's Abandoned Mansion In New Orleans... During Hurricane Katrina! (Never Came Back) BROKEN? 467,408 views. Uploaded March 04, 2021. Via Jays Forbiddenexplorations Posted by Thrillz. Quavo Sent The Repo Man To Saweetie's House This Morning; Took Back The Bentley Tour Of Birdman's Abandoned Mansion In New Orleans... During Hurricane Katrina! (Never Came Back) BROKEN? 467,419 views. Uploaded March 04, 2021. Via Jays Forbiddenexplorations Quavo Sent The Repo Man To Saweetie's House This Morning; Took Back The Bentley! (Footage Of Saweetie's Christmas Bentley) 468,991 views The Birdman Adventures June 2 · Found this beautiful little abandoned house the other day so I walked around the back and a homeless Polish guy called Nick has set up camp in the back garden turns out hes a very friendly chap and told me its been abandoned for about 30 years still has old things and all the furniture left inside but he.

If you read up on the Birdman's past, it's as colorful as the ink on his body. Born in the street smart city of Long Beach outside L.A., he was abandoned by his mom, neglected by his dad, and raised in an orphanage outside Dallas, Texas. Part cowboy, part rebel, he paid his dues playing ball in the Chinese Basketball Association, before. The house takes up 2.8 acres of land, having a square footage of 4,000. Sources reported that the mansion has 4 beds and 4 baths, as well as a pool and spa area, as well as a basketball court. The estate is said to be full of panoramic views at every angle. The mansion sounds like everyone's dream house The abandoned mansion. With over eight and a half million residents, New York City is the most populated city in the United States. The housing shortage is huge, and if you are willing to live in a shoebox, your rent will be close to $1,000 a month. However, imagine if just outside of Manhattan there was an abandoned mansion with over 50 rooms. This abandoned state prison that has been in a bunch of movies Downtown This prison was a fully functional facility for over 100 years, but as of recently, it's been the site for many movies and. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (ねじまき鳥クロニクル, Nejimakidori Kuronikuru) is a novel published in 1994-1995 by Japanese author Haruki Murakami.The American translation and its British adaptation, dubbed the only official translations (), are by Jay Rubin and were first published in 1997.For this novel, Murakami received the Yomiuri Literary Award, which was awarded to him by one.

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The Cash Money honcho is listing his Miami beachfront mansion -- which is located on the secluded Palm Island -- for $15.5 million. Sounds like a ton of cash -- 'cause it is -- but hey, it was. It was in 1990 that Michigan resident Dennis DePue became the subject of a police manhunt, after murdering his wife and dumping her body behind an abandoned school house. Story goes that the murder was an act of vengeance, after his wife filed for divorce, with DePue shooting her in the back of the head. In Jeepers Creepers, the monster dumps.

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The Winchester Mystery House - the house number 525 on Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, California, USA. Location: 525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128. Of all the reportedly haunted buildings in San Jose, the most famous one is, without question is the notorious Winchester Mystery House Rapper Birdman's Abandoned Mansion . This 11,000 square foot mansion was built in 1990 when it was owned by a former NFL player. In 2005 when hurricane Katrina struck the south this mansion was one of the storms victims Inside Birdman's eerie New Orleans mansion he abandoned after Katrina. March 5, 2021 | 2:53pm. Rapper Bryan Williams, better known by his stage name, Birdman, abandoned his massive Louisiana. 1 / 7. Credit: Tom Marasco. Take a look inside Queen Latifah's 7,000-square-foot New Jersey home that is on the market. According to the Coldwell Banker site, Latifah fell in love with the Colts. THE BIRDMAN ®. Birdman@BirdsnBeasts.com. Founder and President of Birds n Beasts Inc. is Joe Krathwohl, known as The Birdman ,® who originally grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. At 10 years old he bought a small parrot and decided to train that bird to perform the same behaviors that he saw larger parrots on television could do

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3 Elda Castle. Built in the 1920s by David T. Abercrombie, the co-founder of Abercrombie & Fitch, this Ossining, New York mansion sits on a whopping 50 acres. Abercrombie's wife, Lucy Abbot Cate. These 5 Abandoned Places In San Francisco Are Absolutely Haunting. The booming tech economy means a lot of former abandoned places (like creepy hospitals in the Presidio, the Transbay Terminal, the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, and the Fleishhacker Pool) have mostly been taken over by real estate developers (or the SF Zoo for that last one)

Feb 28, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Amanda Barnes Ellison. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick and his wife Kijafa are selling their 7,726-square-foot home in Plantation, Florida for $2.4 million.. And it's not just any old home either. It's blessed. At least that's what listing agent Giselle Bonetti sayd about the property, It's a blessed house The Secret History of Abercrombie & Fitch. On the corner of Fifth Avenue and east 56th Street in Manhattan, is the flagship store for Abercrombie & Fitch, the colossal corporate clothing company that outfits millions of teens with their distinctive A&F logo. A casual, classic, All-American lifestyle brand, synonymous with quality, runs.

Lil' Wayne's House. New Orleans, Louisiana (LA), US. Rapper Lil Wayne owns this home in New Orleans, but it is believed his mother lives here. Google Maps. Bing Maps. Street View. Microsoft has removed the Birds Eye imagery for this map. You may wish to switch to the Google Maps view instead This story took many fans by surprise. After all, Cash Money co-founder Bryan Birdman Williams has known Wayne since the latter was a young boy, and has long been a surrogate father to the. Birdman Energy Front Level 2 - Bergie Web RAP I believe this is reference to a house in particular that Birdman lived in at one point. Its a ridiculous mansion that curses everyone thats lived in it. Birdman abandoned it during hurricane Katrina. The owner of rockstar energy drinks owned this houses as well. LINKS [ This is a list of episodes from the CBS television comedy The Andy Griffith Show.The first episode aired on October 3, 1960, and the final episode aired on April 1, 1968. There were 249 episodes in all, 159 in black and white (seasons 1-5) and 90 in color (seasons 6-8)

Robert Stroud AKA The Birdman. Is Alcatraz abandoned? Prison Closure On March 21, 1963, USP Alcatraz closed after 29 years of operation. The Federal Government found that it was more cost-effective to build a new institution than to keep Alcatraz open. After the prison closed, Alcatraz was basically abandoned America's abandoned prisons and crumbling correctional facilities tell a sobering and sometimes chilling story of the way people have been incarcerated throughout the centuries - often in. ABANDONED HOUSE. Ted Kooser wrote a poem titled Abandoned House. In his poem he paints a picture of a family that lived a rather destitute life in a country house. I have selected a few of Kooser's lines to portray the depravity that led ultimately to the house's abandonment

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The most haunted spots in Alcatraz are said to be the Warden's House, the hospital, the laundry room, and cell block C, where several prisoners died during the 1946 attempt. According to paranormal investigators, prisoners, and guards alike, cell block D which was solitary confinement - is the spot with the most paranormal activity Puff Daddy, Ben Affleck, Drake, A-Rod, multiple husbands. And another Boy Scout is already being prepared. Listen, birds do it, bees do it, even educated these do it. She made money. He made honey. The birdman, then danced and sang his way from Orongo to his new residence at the quarries of Rano Raraku or in the former royal residence at Anakena, where he lived, in seclusion, in a grass-thatched house shaped like an overturned boot [some say he lived in a cave] Spending his days sitting and serving as a kind of oracle to visitors who. In 1984, the seven square mile island was officially deeded to the state of Washington. In 1990, the Legislature appropriated $392 million to expand MICC, and by 1993, the Department of Corrections had built five new medium-security residential units, each housing 256 inmates, and a sixth segregation unit with 129 single cells

Mansions over $10M. Golfing, sailing, boating, beach life, night life, luxury shopping and dining, natural parks, are just a few of the amenities found in Miami's amazing communities. Mansions over $10M. Mansions over $5M. Luxurious Miami Beach villas and homes for sale with stunning architecture within the bay 67 Metascore. A single mother and waitress, a misanthropic author, and a gay artist form an unlikely friendship after the artist is assaulted in a robbery. Director: James L. Brooks | Stars: Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, Cuba Gooding Jr. Votes: 279,380 | Gross: $148.48M

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The Haunted Mansion is a franchise that has grown around the long-running attraction at the various Disney Theme Parks, which has gone on to spawn a comedy film with Eddie Murphy * , a video game, three comic book series (a shortlived anthology series by Slave Labor Graphics, a miniseries at Marvel Comics under the Disney Kingdoms imprint, and a standalone graphic novel from IDW), and the. Yesica Prado / San Francisco Public Press. On Nov. 20, 1969, about 80 young Native American activists, including some children, sailed to Alcatraz. Members of the group occupied the island for 19 months. At the height of the occupation, 400 people lived on Alcatraz. The activists formed a nonprofit named Indians of All Tribes and spoke out. Located just over a mile off of San Francisco's shores, the abandoned prison is known for having housed some of the most infamous and dangerous criminals in U.S. history. Every year, more than 1.4 million people tour the 22-acre island, hoping to get a glimpse of the dilapidated old prison blocks — or perhaps a ghost of a prisoner passed Like the Solar Wings Storm, the Birdman Comanche featured a wider nose angle (125°) with a flatter sail than the Cherokee. After some refinement of the flexible outer tips in the first two they made (the elliptical tip design of the example shown here was abandoned) the Comanche was found to have better performance than the Cherokee and the Storm The review's headline is Birdman's parenthetical subtitle: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance. Toggling between the literal and the metaphorical—between the thing (real blood) and what is said of the thing—Birdman's fictional theater critic defines the scope of Riggan's Super-Realism in allegorical terms. But Riggan's high.

The Dark Tower: Directed by Nikolaj Arcel. With Matthew McConaughey, Idris Elba, Tom Taylor, Dennis Haysbert. A boy haunted by visions of a dark tower from a parallel reality teams up with the tower's disillusioned guardian to stop an evil warlock known as the Man in Black who plans to use the boy to destroy the tower and open the gates of Hell Apr 12, 2017 - Explore Linda Denver's board Alcatraz, followed by 570 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about alcatraz, alcatraz island, alcatraz prison Justin Bieber returns from a dip while on vacation in Turks and Caicos. Hailey recently got back into the swing of things, professionally speaking, as well. She returned to the runway in February. The building is surrounded by bird houses of varying shapes and sizes. The dazzling array is the collection of Bill Larkin, a retired US Military coder with the simple wish of constantly being. The house isn't up for auction and there is no completed foreclosure. It is under court control until the case is resolved. It can't be sold or transfered, but it can be leased. ETA: I read the actual order. It was an agreed upon order. It wasn't done against his will. Birdman agreed to give them control of an uninhabitable house

Meet the Birdman of Allihies. recently escaped to set up home at the nearby abandoned Cross House. Having opened up the owl aviary to reintroduce them to the wild, they flew off, forsaking. The Rum House in the Hotel Edison on 47th Street is where the interior shots of Riggan and New York Times theater critic Tabitha Dickinson (Lindsay Duncan) spar over the play. In the film, the bar.

Nelly's Missouri mansion nearing sale — for $599,000. May 11, 2021, 10:04 AM. The rapper bought the now-abandoned mansion in Wildwood, Missouri, for $2.5 million in 2002. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily. The cult of the manutara bird The manutara bird or sooty tern. The importance of birds in the culture of Easter Island is manifested through the numerous allusions to birds found in engravings, paintings, sculptures and legends throughout its history.. This great relevance makes sense in a remote and isolated island like Rapa Nui, in which there were no large mammals or reptiles, and in which. The Ruins of a Mountaintop Casino. We recently came across a wonderful postcard, printed by the Detroit Photographic Company in 1902, of a 'Casino on Summit, Mount Beacon, NY'. It shows a charming, white wooden building, about the size of a large Victorian house, perched upon a clifftop, overlooking sweeping views of the Hudson River

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In bird culture, this is considered a dick move.Birdperson, regarding Morty abandoning Rick Birdperson, currently known as Phoenixperson, is a once friend, and now foe, of Rick Sanchez. He has known Rick for a long time, and has seemingly known Morty since he was a baby, as revealed in the episode Get Schwifty. As of the finale of Season 4, his cyborg form is dismantled and in Rick's. When James Finney Birdman started racing in Texas 25 years ago, little did he know that, one day, people all over the country would know his name. Thanks to his appearance on the TV show Street Outlaws, Birdman is known as the champion of no-prep racing. Birdman races for the thrill of it, not for the money he makes from it

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Birdman, Gallery: Page 17; All Divisions; Worked in the computer field since 1966. CG is a natural expression of my artistic side.. I also do glassblowing, pottery, and woodworking Rapper Nelly lists abandoned St. Louis mansion at $600G on Zillow The rapper, 46, initially purchased the home back in 2002 in hopes of flipping it, but it seems that just like the property, the. The birdman is a future relic. Combining myths relics from a distant technological past The hut is abandoned the birdman has flown away. The remains of his earthly abode are decaying, but still reminiscent of his erstwhile magic Birds now inhabit the hut. Nature gently takes over the old place of power

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Net Worth: $90 Million. Adam Horovitz, better known as Ad-Rock or King Ad-Rock, is an American musician, guitarist, rapper, producer, and actor. He is best known as a member of the hip hop group the Beastie Boys. Horovitz is the 16th richest rapper in the world, with a net worth of $90 million in 2021. 15 These houses stay abandoned for a reason. One, they're terribly outdated and two, the about of work to clean, fix, and remodel the entire home would cost more than I would to buy it. That view is dope though Artists like Birdman, Juvenile, When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, nearly 600 people were evacuated from Magnolia, and the projects were largely abandoned. In 2008, the last of the Magnolia apartments were torn down, The Marcy Houses were completed a few years after World War II in 1949 Rappers mansions. The hip-hop artist first purchased a 2.9 acre property in an exclusive and gated community in Hidden Hills for $7.7 million in 2012.The house is 2 blocks away from the mansion where Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West now reside and has a tennis court, a wine cellar, and of course, a grotto Rick Ross, Drake, Kanye West, all rappers who have a ridiculously high net worth

BIRDMAN OF DURHAM. CAROLYN MOREAU When Moore's model failed, on a hilltop behind the house, he abandoned mythological designs and began studying bats. Of all flying creatures, the bat is the. Abandoned Gamble: 1982 DeLorean DMC-12. Jesse Mortensen. We have featured a lot of low-mileage DeLoreans, but this could be the first abandoned one we've seen. It's doesn't run, but the brakes work and it rolls, so transport shouldn't be a problem. The restoration job might be a different story though Nevertheless, there are still some beautiful abandoned places in Seattle and around the Seattle metropolitan area. There are plenty of abandoned places in Seattle Because of this rich history of quick new builds and and even quicker slumps and abandonment, the Seattle area is filled with derelicts and compounds beckoning the urbex community Patmos, Greece. A tiny, mountainous speck in the Aegean Sea, the 13-square-mile island of Patmos is where, according to Christian tradition, St. John was exiled in A.D. 95 after being persecuted.

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Biggest manga library on the web. Absolutely free and daily updated English translated manga online for free In this animated feature by noted Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, 10-year-old Chihiro (Rumi Hiiragi) and her parents (Takashi Naitô, Yasuko Sawaguchi) stumble upon a seemingly abandoned amusement park A prankster is terrifying urban explorers by hiding in an abandoned hospital and creeping up on them. Photographers visiting the dilapidated St Mary's Hospital near Kirkcaldy, Fife, are confronted. Alexander Dinelaris, left, and Nicolas Giacobone say they knew that what they left in the script for Birdman would end up on the screen because of the film's one-shot narration On 15th December 1967, Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the United States collapsed. Forty-six people were killed. In the days leading up to the disaster, there had been reports of a winged creature flying around and sitting on the bridge itself (although there had been isolated reports in the area dating back to 1966)

Most haunted attractions offer about 20 or 30 minutes of non-stop thrills and chills. But the Cutting Edge in Fort Worth, Texas, will take you on a nightmarish journey that lasts a whole hour, making it the longest walk through a haunted house in the world. It also holds a Guinness World Record for the world's largest haunted house, meaning everything that scares you is right there, all in one. Reddit is a network of communities where people can dive into their interests, hobbies and passions. There's a community for whatever you're interested in on Reddit Believers toppled many of the ancient statues and destroyed smaller ones. While there are more than 1,800 petroglyphs and stone houses in the ceremonial village of Orongo, where the Birdman cult was centered, Hoa Hakananai'a was the only moai to survive—and only after the winged symbolism was added

The Runaway Guys: From their Mario Party 3 playthrough, part 7 of Creepy Cavern. Jon has just gotten a Boo Bell, and he comes to a fork in the road where he could choose to land on the same space as Emile and Mario, initiating a duel with one of them. He chooses the other way. Jon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha —- no abandoned_house_escape_game_walkthrough 2/16 Abandoned House Escape Game Walkthrough Read Online Abandoned House Escape Game Walkthrough Minecraft: Maps-Mojang Ab 2019-10-08 Discover the hidden corners of the many weird and wonderful locations in Minecraft with this beautifully illustrated, full-color guide--written in official partnership with th The use of solitary confinement has become widespread in U.S. prisons over the past two decades, but its use actually dates back more than 180 years. From the Quaker philosophy that inspired the.

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Birdman Anthology (manga) Plot Summary: Suddenly, all around the world, ordinary birds start exhibiting unnatural intelligence, and it does not take long for humans to come into violent conflict. In addition to houses in New Orleans, there were also 502 condos, 21 townhouses, and 395 multi-family units for sale in New Orleans last month. New Orleans is a moderately walkable city in Louisiana with a Walk Score of 59. New Orleans is home to approximately 343,794 people and 157,269 jobs TV Shows I've Abandoned show list info. I have such a hard time keeping up with and finishing TV shows. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law 29. Heroes 30. House of Cards 31. How I Met Your Mother 32. Inside Amy Schumer ADVERTISEMENT. 33. Iron Fist 34. Jersey Shore 35. Lady Dynamite. Frightland Haunted Attractions located in Middletown Delaware has been named a Top 10 Scariest Haunted Attraction in the country by Travel Channel, Forbes and Huffington Post. We offer 8 unique haunted attractions including a 1 mile long Haunted Hayride, four indoor haunted houses and much, much more. Check our schedule for dates and times Welcome to Hello Guest, a stealth horror thriller about an advanced, self-learning AI. You take the night shift as a security guard at an abandoned Golden Apple Amusement Park where a creature is hiding in the shadows. You must take risks to protect and secure the furthest corners of the park from vandals. The AI-Powered creature learns from your movements. It's afraid of the light and always. A sacred and spectacular site The village of Orongo is located on the narrowest edge of the Rano Kau volcano. The archaeological site of Orongo is located in the southwestern part of the Rano Kau volcano, in a narrow strip between the edge of the crater that surrounds the lagoon and the cliff that descends almost perpendicular to the sea, in front of the Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao islets