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Marmoxan Marcarré Mosaic. Marmoxan Mosaic is technically processed mineral material of aluminum hydroxide bound with acrylic. The surface of Marmoxan mosaic is non-porous and hygienic, preventing dirt, moisture and bacteria from penetrating the material and it is resistant against most chemical substances Marmoxite Marcarré Mosaic. Mosaic tiles are composed of aluminum hydroxide, high quality acrylic binder as well as different sizes of natural stones and fine quartz. The surface of Marmoxite has a stone-like texture, is solidly durable with high resistance and it is non-porous and hygienic. Use Internal and external wall cladding

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Wedi board is now available in Australia in small and very large sheets up to 1200 x 2500mm. I look at Wedi board and also Marmox board as these are both use.. SliceStone Marcarré Mosaic. Are unique mosaics made of thin layers of real natural stones. Their natural rough split surface, the variety of colours , the vivid patterns and unique texture all combined make each sheet a feast to the eyes

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  1. Mosaic Backer Boards. Mosaic Backer Boards are cut from 1/2-inch cabinet-grade sanded plywood (either maple or birch based on availability) and are suitable for indoor mosaic projects such as plaques and trivets. The bottoms of the plywood boards are gloss finished to prevent staining, but the edges are unfinished cuts, which can be left as is.
  2. OzMosaics stocks Marmox LWMB - Light Weight Mosaic Board. It's what's under your mosaic that counts! Mosaic art can be heavy and in some situations you may need a light weight mosaic substrate. MAANZ members and professional mosaicists often select LWMB for exhibition works as it is a lighter option for murals and postage
  3. MARMOX Board PRO - Lightweight construction and insulation panels can be used to insulate and waterproof walls, floors and ceilings. Ideal for individual design of vanities and partitions and for lining of toilets. Bath tubs and pipe boxing. Easy application, high durability and resistance to moisture and humidity
  4. The best all-around mosaic backer is concrete backer board, such as that used in bathrooms as the sub-floor for tile floors. Concrete backer board is cheap, cuts easily, comes in 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick sheets, and is available at almost any building material store. Drywall can be removed easily and replaced with a sheet of concrete backer board
  5. Surfaces must be stable, solid, free of loose paint, wallpaper, dirt, grease, etc., and must be strong enough to support the mosaic. It may be necessary to scuff the surface of some materials by scoring or rough sanding it first so your adhesive will stick to it
  6. Marmox Slicedstone Mosaics are thin layers of real natural stone. Their natural surface, variety, vivid patterns and unique tactile texture all combine to make each sheet a feast to the eyes. If you would like to learn more about our Slicedstone Mosaic product then call us today on 01634 835290, or get in touch with us through our contact form.
  7. Tried and tested for many years, MARMOX Shower Slope is an attractive shower underlay for the installation of barrier-free showers. The surface is suitable for the application of both ordinary tiles or mosaic tiles of at least 25 x 25 mm. Special designs for vinyl coverings are also available

Marmox Boards are fixed using Marmox dowel fixings, or plug & screw, supported with dabs of tile adhesive. Board thickness should be at least 12.5mm if using this method. It is recommended that for dotting and dabbing, at least 15 fixing points per long board and 9 fixing points per short board should be used Slicedstone Mosaics provide sure-footed showering. The Marmox riven-surface tiles create non-slip surfaces that are easy to install in commercial and residential wetrooms, leisure facilities and even dog grooming centres. In association with. Slicedstone Mosaic 958 Lava Stone/Lauze at the My Rural Activity Centre near Canterbury

For the UK market, Marmox Multiboard is BBA certified as a tile backer board, CE marked as an insulation board and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. All Marmox products are guaranteed for ten years. Marmox MULTIBOARD. When building, or renovating your home the use of tiles, marble or mosaic provides it with a personal touch, adding to its.

marmox multiboards carry marble-mosaics across cinque port self-build A strikingly modern residential property in one of Kent's most famous coastal towns is making articulate use of Marmox Multiboards as part of its cladding solution, around both the inside of an elevated balcony terrace, as well as across the main entrance elevation MARMOX Board - Tile Backer Boards are recommended for use on walls, floors, and to build or insert wash tables, shelves, claddings, insulations under electric heating wires or partition walls. The options to use the boards are wide and creative. The surface of MARMOX Board - Tile Backer Boards is suitable for the application of tiles, mosaic.

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Marmox board is an easy to use solution for fully insulating both walls, floors and ceilings. ready for plastering after a PVA coat The design features a mix of cladding finishes, including Rockpanel Uni and Marble Mosaics, and used 12.5mm-thick Multiboards behind cladding around the main entrance and across the inner face of a high-level balcony. The boards also went into the en-suite bathrooms as tile backer boards. Marmox Multiboard was specified because of the elevated. Marmox Board are waterproof, provide thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation. These innovative construction boards are versatile enough to use in any wet.. Featured products. Being strong, heat-insulating, and lightweight, Marmox insulation boards are designed to insulate the floor surface of new or existing buildings, saving up to 50% of the heat lost with conventional underfloor heating. Easily create a sloping wetroom floor! MARMOX Shower bases are low cost, easy to install, waterproofed, ready.

Marmox high performance construction boards: can be fixed to timber or concrete floors using flexible tile adhesive and fasteners. can be fixed to metal or timber frame walls and ceilings using fasteners. can be used to bring uneven walls to level, an ideal feature for renovation works. can be fixed on top of existing tiles or plaster boards Marmox Board is a fully waterproof insulation board with excellent load bearing strength of 40 tonnes per square metre and is very easy to handle when instal.. The best way to mount an outdoor mosaic mural is to use thinset mortar and mount it directly to a brick, stone, or concrete wall.. You can make mosaic murals on foam-core backer board and mount these backers onto wooden fences with screws, but that is less than ideal for several reasons, and the weight could cause the fence to lean if its posts aren't securely anchored

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