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  1. Ants and other pests will infest cars and other vehicles. Some species of ant seem particularly inclined to set up home in vehicles. Perhaps most common of these ant species is the Argentine ant. This may be one of the reasons this invasive species has spread across New Zealand so quickly
  2. So always be prepared with ant baits, sand and sprays. If your ant infestation is particularly stubborn, it might call for a Mortein Control Bomb. Once you are on top of your ant problem, stay that way using Mortein Kill& Protect Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray — with its six-month 'Barrier Protection' you can stop ants before they get in
  3. Multiply floor area by height of room - e.g. 18 m² x 2.6 m = 46.8 m³. Do the above calculations for each room. Add up each room and total, divide total by 150 to show how many Bug Bombs are needed for the whole area to be treated. Always round up, e.g. if the total is 400 m³ (400 divided by 150 = 2.7) you should use 3 Bug Bombs, not 2
  4. I have put down ant baits, but the ants are still there. ANSWER: Keep the baits in place (it may take some time) and vacuum the car thoroughly—it will help to get rid of some of the ants and any food scraps that may sustain them. Related Questions: Question: My car is infested with small black ants that were picked up when the car was parked.

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To treat odours in a car or other vehicle, park the car inside the garage or other enclosed area. Open all the windows and boot. Do not leave the car running. Odour Fogger is used in the same way as a 'bug bomb'. Simply place the Odour Fogger on a newspaper, cloth or paper plate in the centre of the room to be treated Ants may seem less destructive until they cause serious damage to the electrical wiring of your car. There are many ways to get rid of ants in your car. You need to know why ants have invaded your car and look for ways of getting rid of them. If you own a car the possibility of an ant infestation is not a remote thought

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  1. Kiwicare NO Bugs Super Bug Bomb kills 99% of crawling and flying insects at time of activation. Easy to use. Excellent for hard to reach places. Drives bugs out and kills on contact. Long lasting - up to six months' protection. Contains Insect Growth Regulator to break the breeding cycle. One NO Bugs Super Bug Bomb treats area up to 50m2.
  2. If you want advice on ant issues and which treatment options will suit you best, feel free to give our ant control team a call. Call Bug King on 0800 546454. Preparation & Aftercare. For external treatments only, no preparation or aftercare is required. For internal treatments the following preparations need to be made
  3. Ant bombs. Spraying pesticide inside the car can leave off a bad smell that can stay for days. This is the reason why it is considered more effective that you lay out traps, especially in the floorings where the arts commonly are. You may also lay them flat under the seats or inside the door compartments. Basically, these traps will be eaten by.

Ants In Car Dashboard. This is something you wouldn't want to experience while driving. The sudden sharp pain can cause you to lose a moment of concentration and it could lead to road accidents. For this reason, an ant infestation in the car must be attended to quickly, as something that seems so irrelevant can lead to a tragedy.. 7. 6 Can Hot Shot INDOOR FOGGER Bug Bomb Insect Killer TickRoach Ant Spider. 8.1. View Product. 8.1. 8. 2- 3ct Hot Shot FOGGER Bug Bomb Insect Killer INDOOR Bed Bugs Fleas. 7.8. View Product Ants more commonly come indoors in the warmer months. Shutterstock Masters of cooperation. Ants are social animals and live in colonies with hundreds, or even millions, of others. They have tiny.

Gmotovt and davisnews4u show you how to remove a how to remove an ant nest from your car with this shleg 1789 series bug bomb Bug bombs will kill ants you see, but won't get rid of your ant problem. Ants can be an annoying and persistent problem in homes. It is tempting to look for a fast solution to get rid of them. Bug bomb sprays, also known as insect foggers, appear to be that solution on the surface. But that's all they do: kill ants on the surface Look for ant traps that contain poison that will attract and kill the ants. The traps or bombs should be small enough to fit in your car. Go for odorless ant traps so they do not make your car smell bad. Get 2-3 ant traps so you can spread them out in your car to kill the ants and keep them away

Aerogard Home Flying - Insect Killer 300ml. 4.4 out of 5 Customer Rating. 0.0/0 (0) $5.47. Expra Clothes Moth Traps 2 Pack. 5 out of 5 Customer Rating. 0.0/0 (0) $6.97. Mortein Powergard All in One Insect Killer With Germs Kill The best way that you can keep ants out of your car is if you change your eating habits inside your car or at least do a routine cleaning and vacuuming of your car's interior. Aside from this, you can choose to reapply Reclaim IT in your yard every 90 days for continued control of ants on your property

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  1. Although ants seem to be everywhere we look, New Zealand actually has very few species of ants compared with most countries - 11 native species and 29 introduced, mainly from Australia. Ants can be very beneficial in our environment, helping with natural decomposition and aeration of soil, but most people find them annoying and inconvenient.
  2. Pest control and insect control products to kill flies, coackroaches, ants, fleas, rats, fleas, silverfish and mosquitoes to help keep your home protected from pests all year round
  3. You cannot use your car for 48 hours after detonating a flea bomb to avoid inhaling toxic chemicals. Can you bug bomb a car for ants? Least damaging way: Use an insect bomb on the inside of your car on a HOT day. Then absolutely clean your car - vacuum - behind the seats - everything. Then bomb it again. The ants should be long gone
  4. All of our operational field staff hold a New Zealand National Certificate in Pest Operations - Urban Pest Management, the highest pest control qualification in New Zealand.Master Technician Chris Brunel also has 30 years' experience servicing Rotorua residents in the pest control industry. As with any other industry, using a qualified and registered pest control company gives you peace of.
  5. Place ant traps in your car to help you catch the ants. You will find several ant traps in the market, one of them being TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Bait Ant Killer . The bait inside the traps contains a sugary substance that attracts ants, and they will get trapped easily
  6. EXPRA INSECT CONTROL RANGE FOR A HEALTHIER CLEANER ENVIRONMENT Expra has insect control solutions for annoying pests > LEARN MOR

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These ants are brown in colour, and are protein seeking ants so they'll be getting into compost bins, rubbish bins, pet food, devouring dead insects, dead birds/rodents, etc. They are one of the world's most invasive ant species and if you have them, you are unlikely to be able to get rid of them, but controlling them is easily achievable Start by filling your bottle with water about 1/3 full, then you take 3 parts sugar to 1 part Boric acid put the lid on and shake well. Thrid - Find where the Ants are comming inside from and place the bomb on its side in the area. Now this can be under a sink, or in a cupboard or even outside. you have to remove the lid Most car fumigation experts make use of more than one product. They tend to mix products in a situation of several pests or even just one pest. This is simply done to achieve the desired results - a pest-free car. If you are going for fogger bombs, choose the efficient one that'll handle the situation adequately

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Why Liquid Baiting Works. TERRO ® Liquid Ant Killer ant baits are the best home pest control option when looking for a solution to an ant invasion. Liquid ant baiting not only kills the ants you see, but the thousands you don't see. Ant baits contain the active ingredient Borax which, along with sugar, attracts and kills the worker ants that forage for food, but not before they have time to. The Ant Hill Mob are seven gangsters who drive the number seven car, The Bulletproof Bomb. They are styled after stereotypical early 1900s American gangsters with their car to match. Their wardrobes are prohibition era fedoras and suits. Clyde's name probably came from car gangster Clyde Barrow while his looks, voice and mannerisms suggest. Card. Simple rectangular container. When To Use #. A card can be used to display content related to a single subject. The content can consist of multiple elements of varying types and sizes A state of emergency continued in the provincial capital and elsewhere through Sunday local time, as most businesses were ordered closed and few beyond emergency vehicles were allowed on the roads HOMEMADE ANT TRAP #1: Sweet and Deadly. Most ants are attracted to sweet stuff, so this recipe is sure to lure. In a small bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of boric acid (available over the counter at your.

Just picked this car up last week super cheap. It runs great and has working AC. Previous owner took care of the car mechanically, but the interior was disgu.. I had an infestation of little ants by my kitchen sink and was desperate! This recipe literally made the ants disappear within 24 hours. Not one seen after I set the bait!! 3-Ingredient Ant Kille A bug bomb would work, but what you need to do is eliminate what is attracting the ants. If you keep food, candy or anything like that in your car, the ants will return. If you clean the dash, etc. and don't keep food in your car, the ants will have no reason to return. Rusty July 5, 2016, 11:30pm #3

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Outdoor ant populations must be kept under control to prevent them from moving inside. Outdoor ant baits are a viable option to help control outdoor ant activity that's happening around your yard, but ants won't always prefer the same type of bait, so it is best to use both ant liquid bait and ant granules.Place bait stations near ant trails and check and refresh the bait on a weekly basis 2.4 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for 4 in 1 Pest Repeller Ultrasonic And Electromagnetic. 2.4. (16) SKU: 229406. now $ 69 each Was $85.76. 4 interest free payments of $ 17.25. Choose a store for availability. Rentokil Mouse Bait Station 1unit

Talk to Northpest for all your pest control needs - based in the industrial hub of Whangarei and covering the wider Northland area Freephone: 0800 26 26 26 Local Whangarei Number: 09 955 1460 Email: info@northpest.co.nz Northpest Limited, Unit 3, 56 Rewa Rewa Road, Whangarei June 29, 2021 04:07 PM. Ant Anstead Chokes Up As He Lives His 'Boyhood Dream' of Driving Up Dangerous Pike's Peak. Credit: Ant Anstead/ instagram. Ant Anstead is on top of the world — and it's. For large-scale ant problems, use an insect killer that contains bifenthrin as the active ingredient. First, mow the grass, then spray the insecticide on the entire lawn in the early morning or.

Form Bombs. Protect your home from insects for up to 3 months with the new Mortein Kill & Protect Control Bombs. This complete do-it-yourself solution to home pest control releases a fine mist that kills more than seven of the most common pests and breaks the breeding cycle of fleas. The dual-active formula takes bug control to a new level Hot Shot 100047495 HG-20177 No Mess Fogger, Aerosol, 3/1.2-Ounce, Model:100047, Pack of 10. The largest ant's nest ever found was over 3,700 miles wide! Found in Argentina in 2000, the ginormous colony housed 33 ant populations which had merged into one giant supercolony, with millions of nests and billions of workers! Images ⓒ Getty Images: Ants on leaf (483596365), Ant carrying leaf (157168347)

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Why rent a car in Christchurch with Rentalcars.com? Our aim is to make hiring a car in Christchurch simple and stress-free — just as it should be. We deal with a wide range of car hire companies (including Avis, Budget and GO Rentals), so we can bring you exclusive prices and cheap rates all year round Real-Kill Indoor Fogger penetrates into cracks, crevices and carpet fibers to kill hidden bugs. This non-staining formula kills ants (excluding red imported fire ants and pharaoh ants), black carpet beetles, brown dog ticks, crickets, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, palmetto bugs, pillbugs, rice weevils, roaches, saw tooth grain beetles, silverfish, spiders, waterbugs and other listed insects RAID ® DEFENSE SYSTEM. The Raid ® Defense System uses a combination of products to help you work smarter, not harder, when fighting bugs in your home. Now you can ATTACK, CONTROL and PREVENT bugs with ease

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WHAT WE RECOMMEND. We say no to bug foggers and bug bombs. If you can, first bait. If baiting doesn't seem like the best option, then kill bugs on contact. When it comes to ants and cockroaches, we have plenty of baiting options for you. We tend to prefer baiting because it can control more of the colony, especially with ants The good news is that hiring a car in the South Island is easy, especially with DriveNow where you can compare deals on car hire in Christchurch from New Zealand's most trusted providers, saving time, effort, and money. We've been helping locals and visitors alike with Christchurch car hire since 2003, offering a chance to easily sort and. Kiwicare is New Zealand's own manufacturer and distributor of pest control, garden care and home maintenance products. The Kiwicare website contains advice on the eradication and prevention of all sorts of pests that bother us in New Zealand. Learn how to get rid of rats and mice, flies, spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs and other. Overall, roach bombs and insect foggers have proven to be ineffective and unnecessarily dangerous. Some indoor fogger products advertise use in cars but that's not a great idea, either. Luckily, there is a much better, safer and cleaner solution that will get rid of cockroaches for good. Introducing your step-by-step roach elimination game. Ant traps don't leave behind any chemical residue and are 100% effective against any ant that ventures into the sticky trap. Unfortunately, all ants won't go into the trap, and those that don't will be completely unaffected by it. Spray. Ant spray has the fastest knock-down time of any method on the market

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Carpenter ants require a water source to survive. To prevent brown, red or black carpenter ants in the house, eliminate sources of moisture or standing water. Keep tree branches and other plants cut back from the house. Sometimes pests use these branches to get into your home The same can't be said of carpenter ants, which feed on rotten or damp wood, potentially damaging windows, doors, or even structural framing in the process.Carpenter ants are about 1⁄4 to 1. The first way to prevent a flea infestation is to keep your dogs and cats groomed and bathed. There are non-toxic pet shampoos that kill fleas, or you can even try a diluted solution of Dawn dishwashing detergent on your dog. Leave the shampoo on for at least three to five minutes to kill the fleas. For cats, a good alternative to bathing is.

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  1. As common household pests go, ants can try a homeowner's patience. A survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) found that ant infestations are on the rise across the country, making ants America's number one nuisance bug.Get rid of these foraging insects using eco-friendly remedies made from household items found in your pantry or at the supermarket
  2. Carpenter Ant Bait. Baking soda. Borax. Sugar. Shallow dish. tb1234. To make this simple but effective homemade Borax ant bait recipe, stir equal parts baking soda and sugar into a shallow dish. If you prefer using Borax, combine one cup of powdered sugar with a third cup of Borax
  3. Kills flea infestation for up to 3 months. 3 month protection. Kills 99.9% of bacteria. Hovex Germgard Insect Control Bomb kills insect infestations. Use in indoor areas such as kitchens, pet areas, bedrooms or in any enclosed area with ventilation. The Germgard technology kills insects and the bacteria they carry. Kills the following insects
  4. Finance & capital raising Innovative funding solutions for New Zealand businesses. Online services Online tools to manage cash, foreign exchange & trade requirements. Doing business internationally Access local knowledge across 33 markets world wide. Trade and Supply Chain Solutions to help importers & exporters
  5. Amazon.com : Hot Shot 100047495 HG-20177 No Mess Fogger, Aerosol, 3/1.2-Ounce, Model:100047, Pack of 1 : Flea Bomb : Garden & Outdoo
  6. The bomb's instructions will tell you what to focus on cleaning afterward. Typically, you should at least clean food preparation and eating surfaces with soapy, warm water. You can use soap and water at the strength you normally use for household cleaning chores, such as 4 tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap per gallon on water

28. Spectracide. Triazicide For Lawns Granules 20-lb Insect Killer. Model #HG-73960-1. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 384. AMDRO. Ant Block 24-oz Ant Killer Ants and termites can be distinguished from one another by three main characteristics: The ant's body is constricted, giving it the appearance of having a thin waist, while the termite has a broad waist. The ant's hind wings are smaller than its front wings, while the termite's front and hind wings are about the same size German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) - This is by far the most common cockroach infesting homes and buildings. The pest thrives in the presence of humans but does not occur outdoors. Adults are light brown and about 1/2 inch long, with two dark stripes running lengthwise along the shield-like area behind the head Top 7 Best Roach Bomb for House 2021. 1. TAT Fogger3, 3/2-Ounce. We hav the TAT Fogger3, 3/2-Ounce, which also roach-treats roughly 2,000 Cubic Feet from the package of 3 foggers of 2-ounces each. Check Price on Amazon. Equally, this roach foggers will kill both the flying and crawling isnects such as spiders, houseflies, ants, fleas, and. NZ Discount Car Rentals, Auckland, New Zealand. 876 likes · 13 were here. We have the best value rental cars in all of New Zealand with depots in Auckland,Christchurch and Queenstow

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  1. Exterm-An-Ant New Zealand's most effective ant killer! Testimonials What a great product you have. It has saved me multiple times from the ants in New Plymouth. I can recall having ants all over the back door but after a large supply of Exterm-An-Ant, they were nowhere to be seen in the morning and have not seen them since - that was 12 months.
  2. Ecomist Starter Pack - E4 Automatic Dispenser and 250 ml Insect Killer Spray. $ 55.00 NZD. Quick View. Dispenser. 3-Pack 250ml Insect Killer & E4 Dispenser. $ 97.00 NZD. Quick View. Dispenser. 6-Pack 250ml Insect Killer & E4 Dispenser
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  4. Bed bugs, ants, roaches, spiders - just about any insect can get through cracks and cause a major infestation inside a car. No one wants to ride around in a bug mobile, including our pest control technicians. They're always on the lookout for hitchhiker insects since they're around bugs all day long
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Clean the area thoroughly and put down some ant traps. The ants should disappear within a few days. The one time to worry is if ants are in your hood. Some wiring has a coating that ants like to chew. If you notice ants around your engine, spray through the front grill (not directly), and bring your car to a mechanic for an inspection 2. EcoSmart Ant and Roach Killer Spray. Kills Fast. Plant-Based. Safe Around Children & Pets. 14 oz. Check Price on AMAZON. Eco Smart is a very effective pet-friendly ant and roach killer which can kill 50 different types of ants whether its carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants, bullet ants, etc. More than that it can also kill other household. We understand that your travel plans may be affected by COVID-19. You may cancel your booking for free up to 48 hours before your pickup time.. Find quality vehicles at affordable rates with VroomVroomVroom. We make comparing car hire quick and easy, getting you great rates from New Zealand's leading rental suppliers, including Alamo, Apex, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, GO Rentals, Hertz. Modal. Modal dialogs. When To Use #. When requiring users to interact with the application, but without jumping to a new page and interrupting the user's workflow, you can use Modal to create a new floating layer over the current page to get user feedback or display information. Additionally, if you need show a simple confirmation dialog, you can use antd.Modal.confirm(), and so on

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Aotearoa - Maori name for New Zealand meaning land of the long white cloud. Arvo - afternoon. Bach - is a term that New Zealander's use for a holiday home in the North Island. Banger - sausage, as in bangers and mash. Barbie - barbecue. Big smoke - large town or city. Bit of dag - hard case, comedian, person with character. Tape down a piece of waxed paper, or use a paper plate, and apply the bait on the paper or plate to avoid smearing jelly or peanut butter onto your counters or floor. Next, determine which type of baits the ants prefer. If they went for jelly, make a sugar ant bait. Ants that prefer peanut butter will respond to a protein-based bait 5. Treat the Inside of the Car. As well at the tires, you may want to place some ant traps inside the car to deal with those pesky ants that just won't go away. A good place for the traps is under the seats. This ensures that the ants will have no problem finding them, and yet keeps the traps out of the way of your feet, and makes the more. Our pest control team has become a go-to source of expert advice and information for the NZ media, and we've featured several times on TV, radio and in print. If you're looking for help or tips on how to get rid of bed-bugs, rats, fleas, flies, wasps or cockroaches, these articles, interviews and video clips might be helpful. Read on I suspect your bug bombs, cinnamon and other remedies are just annoying the ants. And when odorous house ants are annoyed, some of the colony along with some of their queens move elsewhere. Now you have another nest to manage. Ack! Success may be close at hand if the ant nests can be located and treated

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Ants. A solitary ant scurrying across a kitchen counter is easy to squish. Mike Collins, president of the Pest Management Association of New Zealand, Fight the infestation with a bomb, or. Carpenter Ant Warning Signs. There are a lot of things that can damage a home. Water can get into gaps and cracks and cause wood rot and mold to take root over time. Yearly attacks from snow and ice can wreck your roof and damage your roofline. The sun can dry out your siding and cause the colors to fade. But the worst threat to your equity isn. 23 bulletproof cars from around the world From Al Capone's ride to Vladimir Putin's, these hot wheels are built to stay cool under fire Joal Ryan Dec. 4, 2017, 7:00 a.m. P When size, style, and cost are important, hire our compact Small Hatch. An awesome 8-person drive for travelling families, friends, school groups, and for work trips. No need to take the bus! Our El Cheapo is a low-cost car to get you from A-to-B. This year, take to the slopes in style with a JUCY Ski Wagon rental car

Ants are attracted to fatty or sugary food, so try to avoid leaving these lying around in places such as your kitchen. If you do find an ant trail, wipe the trail clean where the ants have been walking - this will get rid of the pheromones that attract other ants. You should also seal up any holes, gaps or cracks that ants can crawl through 14 available same day shipping :Order before 6.30pm (Mon - Fri. Excluding National Holidays) 142 deliver in 5-6 days from our US warehouse : (US stock) Order before 20:00 Mon-Fri (excluding National Holidays) More stock available week commencing 7/02/22. Each Here are the best ant killer, traps, and repellents you can buy in 2021. Best ant killer overall: Terro T600 Ant Dust. Best ant killer spray: Raid Ant & Roach Killer. Best kid- and pet-safe ant. We offer you over 30 different NZ car rental brands. Rent a Dent isn't one, but by booking here you can save up to $189 on Rent a Dent's cheapest rates. And that's just on a 7 day hire! Rent a Dent (also known as RaD Car Hire) is a New Zealand car rental franchise group with a network of 23 locations dotted around the country Look for a trail of ants and then spray the pet safe ant killer over them. This will immediately suffocate them. Soapy water is a natural insecticide. Locate the source of the ants: if you notice ants in your kitchen especially fire ants, follow their trail. Fire ants for instance form mound in the yard and try to find their way to food scents

While ant lions are the most well known as doodlebugs, the term has also been used to describe other insects like pill bugs and some beetles, although this seems to be earned simply thanks to how. The harbourside city of Tauranga is situated in the Bay of Plenty region on New Zealand's North Island. Kick start your next adventure with low rates on local car rental by comparing with VroomVroomVroom. International travel into New Zealand from Australia is currently restricted due to COVID-19 1. While foggers require little effort to use, they seldom resolve, and can exacerbate, indoor pest problems. Fig. 1: Total release insecticide foggers ('bug bombs') are widely marketed to the public. Most foggers are designed to be placed in the center of a room on a chair or table, and activated by depressing or removing a tab at the top.

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1. Chalk. One of the home remedies to get rid of ants is to use chalk. Chalk contains calcium carbonate, which helps in keeping ants away. Spray some powdered chalk in the areas that are the entry points of ants or draw a line of chalk at the entrance A recent show included a caller whose car was infested with cockroaches but there have been other recent callers that had cars infested with wasps, honey bees, flies, mice, snakes, and so on. The most common insects that invade cars are of course cockroaches and ants but wasps can build nests and a number of so called stored product pests. A pharaoh ant is a tropical species that likes inaccessible dark places with a relative humidity of 80 percent and a temperature of around 80°F.In the warmer areas of the U.S., Pharaoh ants may nest indoors and forage outside. A bait containing the insect growth regulator methoprene sterilizes the queen and is a very effective tool, although. Anti-abortion violence is violence committed against individuals and organizations that perform abortions or provide abortion counseling.Incidents of violence have included destruction of property, including vandalism; crimes against people, including kidnapping, stalking, assault, attempted murder, and murder; and crimes affecting both people and property, including arson and bombings

Ants tend to follow edges, so look alongside baseboards, countertops, shelf boards and similar surfaces. To figure out which ant trails are headed back to a nest, put a dab of honey or jam on a. Can I use a Home Bug Bomb in the MH..... Yes I know to turn off all pilots..... Not sure if I will do it just curious..... Thanks.. 2004 Meridian towing 96 Tracker We did not have any ants , spiders or pesky inlaws for the rest of the season !! Steve Webber 2013 RAM 3500 Dually, 6.7 Cummins and all the bells and whistle After I clean up the initial ant graveyard, I spritz another misting of the DIY non-toxic ant spray in the same area and let it sit for a while; often times I just let it dry there. I assume this is disrupting the ants smell paths or pheromones they omit (the way they communicate) and prevents the new ants from cruising along the same path Carpenter ants can be considered wood destroying pests because of their ability to cause damage to wood.The amount of damage carpenter ants cause is usually far less in comparison to that of subterranean termites. However, if carpenter ant nests are left untreated and undisturbed, the shear numbers of ants can be enormous and the resulting damage caused by excavating of wood to increase.

Our next flea bombs are ZODIAC Room fogger which is more like other foggers that efficiently kill fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, mosquitoes, and other household insects like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish, etc. In addition, it can prevent them from re-infestation and its effectiveness stays up to 7 months 1. Ant Bait Placements. An effective ant control method is the use of high quaility professional ant baits. Ants feed on the bait and take pieces back to the queen, killing the whole colony. With proper bait choices and bait placement, the whole ant nest may be eliminated. You can combine Phantom Aerosol or another non-repellent insecticide. Bock's Car flew over Kokura three times, waiting for a clear sky. Although the crew had a radar lock on Kokura, they were ordered not to drop the bomb unless they could visually identify the enormous arms factory that was their real target. Bock's Car eventually gave up on Kokura and moved to its secondary target, Nagasaki. Although there. Step 8. Remove the bug bombs from the home and dispose of them as indicated on the packaging. Wipe down any surface not covered before you bombed the house, and launder sheets and towels immediately. Tip. Inform other residents of a multifamily home that you are bombing. Warning This may include difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and coughing. Those with pre-existing respiratory problems including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and reactive airway disease are at much higher risk if exposed to bug foggers. In most cases these issues pass within 24 to 36 hours of exposure The NZ Rent A Car Christchurch car hire branch is located close to the Christchurch International Airport and also within easy reach of the central city. Widely considered the gateway to the South Island, renting a car in Christchurch gives you the freedom to begin your travels from a central starting point with easy access to wherever you like.