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Public Schools (K-12) Records Retention Schedule Version 8.4 (April 2021) Page 2 of 90 Revocation of previously issued records retention schedules All previously issued records retention schedules to school districts, educational service districts, Washington State School for the Blind, and Washington School for the Deaf are revoked Scope of records retention schedule This records retention schedule authorizes the destruction/transfer of the public records of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction relating to the unique functions of overseeing K-12 public education, working with school districts to administer basic education program, and implement education reform

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Schedule No. 7. School District Records Schedule. Prepared and Published by the Documents that relate to the development of policy and the operation of the school district. Retention periods begin at the time the records are created. Record Series Title and Description School District Claim for State Reimbursement for School Bus. • Coordinates the development of records retention and disposition schedules. • Serves as records liaison between the District and the Washington State Division of Archives and Records Management. • Represents the School District to the State Local Records Committee in matters related to the disposal of District records The Bellevue School District maintains records in accordance with the State of Washington Records Retention Schedule, State and Federal law, and BSD policies and procedures.. The Records Manager is responsible for the overall supervision of District Records and the enforcement of Records policy and procedure

General Records Retention Schedules for School District Records Introduction The Archives and Records Management Division of the State Archives has prepared these general retention and disposition schedules to give South Carolina's school districts the legal authorizatio General Records Retention Schedules for School District Records (Revised 2003) General Records Retention Schedules for Municipal Records (Revised 2003) State Records Center 1942-A Laurel Street Columbia, SC 29201 Phone: 803-898-9980 map. Quick Links The Washington State Archives, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, has created a records retention manual. Each department and school must have access to this manual at their location and adhere to the retention schedules that apply to their records The Monroe School District maintains records in accordance with the State of Washington Records Retention Schedule, State and Federal law and MSD policies and procedures. Public Records Student Records Transcripts. Monroe School District. 14692 179th Avenue SE, Monroe, WA 98272. Phone: 360-804-2500. Fax: 360-804-2529. Office Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. The district will retain records in compliance with the General Records Retention Schedule For School Districts And Educational Service Districts in Washington State. For the entire district policy, see Board Policy 4040 & 4040P. Address. 107 1st Street N PO Box 476, Yelm, WA 98597

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  1. records retention and development of strategies for handling records common to all school districts. The retention periods listed cover both hard copy and electronic records. Section 19.21(6) provides statutory guidance for the policy development, retention, transfer, and destruction of school district records
  2. Retention Notes: a) OTHER SCHEDULES - This schedule should be used by public school districts, regional educational service centers, and other local education agencies (as defined on page 2) in conjunction with Local Schedule GR (Records Common to All Governments) and Local Schedule TX (Records of Property Taxation). In particular, many records.
  3. The Records Center implements records retention schedules. It accessions, stores, manages and services inactive records of the District government in its physical custody. The Records Center prepares and maintains finding aids, indexes, registers and other resource guides to the records holdings in its possession
  4. Current General Schedule Updates View and provide feedback for proposed changes to GRS, research superseded GRS, and find FAQs. Court Retention Schedules The courts have their own retention schedules. Legislative Retention Schedules The Legislature has its own retention schedules
  5. imum retention periods for records that are associated with Public School Districts. No local government office may dispose of a record listed in this schedule prior to the expiration of its retention period. A records control schedule of a local government may not set a retention period that is less than that established for the record in this schedule.
  6. It is recommended that private schools follow the public School Districts and Educational Service Districts Records Retention Schedule, which states that student records (including high school and middle school transcripts, as well as elementary enrollment history and grade progression) be retained for 100 years after the student graduates or.
  7. Vital Records are housed under Business Services and serve to identify, classify, store, secure, retrieve, and track all records essential to the business of the district and its operations. Ultimately, the Vital Records Department is responsible for the final destruction or archiving of records at the end of their retention schedule

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Retention Schedules. Schedules are for all Public Bodies in the State of Arizona. These include General Schedules and Custom Schedules. Archives and Records Management Forms and Approvals. PDFs of transfer forms, disposition and destruction forms, and imaging and microfilming forms. Guidance, Standards and Statute Recipients of School District General Records Retention Schedule revised January, 2000 Enclosed for the consideration and use of your school district is the revised edition of the School District General Records Retention Schedule, which has been approved by the Records Disposition Panel Washington State Records Retention Schedules. The legal authority for disposing of King County's public records is based on Local Government Records Retention Schedules developed by Washington State and approved by the Washington State Local Records Committee. When applicable, you should use King County records retention schedules (above) The Mead School District maintains records in accordance with the State of Washington Records Retention Schedule, State and Federal law, and MSD policies and procedures.. The Public Records Officer is responsible for the overall supervision of District Records and the enforcement of Records policy and procedure school district general records retention schedule . accounting and financial records . series no. transfer to state records center for 20 yrs; destroy. school district general records retention schedule . accounting and financial records . series no. series title and description . copy . location . conf

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OSPI provides Washington state school districts with resources, funding, and best practices to support students and educators to break down opportunity gaps and ensure each student has access to a high-quality education. Washington School Districts See a list of Washington's school districts, their websites, and contact information Public School Records This Records Retention Schedule has been developed by the Rhode Island Local Government Records Program of the State Archives in an effort to assist government officials in the proper management of public records. The schedule consists of 136 separate sets of records, or series, recognized as those records created or. Before this records retention schedule is considered in effect for a particular school district it must first be signed by a local This schedule lists records commonly created by school districts, educational service centers, and career technical schools

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Records Retention for School Districts. In addition to the Common Records Retention Schedule, which covers the agency and its assets, finances, human resources, and information resources, school districts and educational districts have a separate retention schedule. This schedule also covers student information such as records and student services Retention schedules for judicial bodies are created by the State Supreme Court, although the State Library, Archives, and Public Records works closely with the State Supreme Court on these schedules. The retention schedules in the Code of Judicial Administration can be located as follows: Court of Appeals (Section 2-201 Records Retention. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) is the state agency that enforces all matters regarding records. The retention schedules below are most commonly used by school districts: SD: Records of Public School Districts. All types of school records are included in this category such as academic, special programs, student health, transportation, school safety. Records retention is the process school districts use to manage the records that are created and flow through a school district. Ohio law requires each ESC, city, local, joint vocational and exempted village school district to have a school district records commission. The commission manages records retention and disposal for the district The Olympia School District is dedicated to operating in an open and accessible manner and in full compliance with the Washington State Public Records Act, a law that the Legislature enacted to ensure that government is open and that the public has a right to access appropriate records and information possessed by state agencies

General records schedules can cover a significant proportion of an agency's record series. The . General Records Schedule GS1-SL for State and Local Government Agencies. can be used by all state and local agencies in determining their records retention requirements. Certain agencies can use other general records schedules in conjunction with th For Use by School Districts, BOCES, County Vocational Education and Extension Boards, and Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers. First issued in 1988; revised 2004; Superseded by LGS-1 on 1/1/2021. Changes in Retention. Download this schedule as a PDF. The ED-1 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule indicates the minimum length of time that officials of School Districts (including. The Branch develops and revises record retention and disposition schedules for the State Comptroller's approval. These records schedules identify the minimum amount of time specific records shall be maintained and their final disposition. General Records Schedule. The General Records Schedules No. 1-11, 2002, Revised 5/06 are retention and.

Retention Schedules. Under Code of Virginia § 42.1-85, the Library of Virginia (LVA) has the authority to issue regulations governing the retention and disposition of state and local public records. In keeping with the Code's mandate, LVA has developed records retention and disposition schedules outlining the disposition of public records The UW General Records Retention Schedule is the primary source of retention requirements for the records created, received, and used by the University of Washington. Organized by sections, based upon the function of the record, the General Schedule contains record series that are common to most University offices (3) The board of directors shall designate a professional person licensed under chapter 18.71, 18.57, or 18.79 RCW as it applies to registered nurses and advanced registered nurse practitioners, to consult and coordinate with the student's parents and health care provider, and train and supervise the appropriate school district personnel in proper procedures for care for students with diabetes. Fingerprint records and background checks are required by Washington state law for: Applicants who do not possess a valid Washington teaching certificate at the time of application. (RCW 28A.410.010) New employees of a school district, an educational service district, state school for the deaf, state school for the blind, and their contractors who have regularly unsupervise

As of January 14, 2010 many of the schedules for school district records retention were updated. We've provided the website link for The Division of Archives and Records Management (DARM) which has statutory authority to ensure the security, integrity, and efficiency of record-keeping by state and local public agencies, and to preserve the rich documentary heritage of New Jersey and its people Records Retention Forms. Records Transmittal Form {PDF} {Word} - Instructions. Records Destruction Certificate. Record Request Form. Records Description and Analysis Form. System Description Form

Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232g; School Districts and Educational service Districts Records Retention Schedule; Local Government Common Records Retention Schedule Management Resources: Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives, 2nd edition, 200 This retention schedule has been approved for use only by the jurisdiction indicated above in accordance with instructions which appear on the cover of this schedule. April 30, 2010 Page 8 of 11 . State of Mississippi Local Government Records. RECORDS RETENTION SCHEDULE. School Districts. Personnel Records General Records Schedules. General Records Schedules set retention requirements for records documenting administrative and program functions common to several or all government agencies. Examples include personnel, accounting and general administration. Not all individual records are covered by these General Records Schedules. Please contact. The Bureau of Records Management places all public records on Records Retention Schedules that list the minimum legal and fiscal time periods they must be retained by state and local governmental and educational agencies. Working with personnel from the records-creating agency, the Bureau determines these retention periods in conformance with.

If you have questions or comments about the schedules, procedures or want to request a change to a retention schedule, please contact them: Local Government Records Committee. Local Government Services Bureau. P.O. Box 200547. Helena MT 59620-0547. SOSLocalGovtRecCom@mt.gov Local Schedule E.L. Retention Schedule for Records of Elections and Voter Registration (pdf opens in a new window) Note: Updated January 2021 with the latest copies available from Texas State Library and Archives Commission website, with documents dated from 2016-2020 These schedules list records common to most government functions. The record series are grouped by function rather than office so records within an office may be covered by more than one retention schedule. For superseded or obsolete General Records Retention Schedules, contact the Office of the Public Records Administrator for assistance Records Retention Schedule. The link below is for the state-approved 1997 records retention schedule for Midland ISD. This document follows procedures outlined by the Texas State Library Archives and Commission requirements. For more information on records retention requirements from the state of Texas, you can access the TSLAC website

Statutory Authority for Establishing Records Retention Requirements In 1965, the Missouri General Assembly established a State Records Commission to approve retentions for records produced by state agencies. In 1972, Missouri's Business and Public Records Law (Chapter 109) was expanded to include local government NOTE 2: RCW 40.14.050 and RCW 40.14.060 vest authority to determine the retention period for public records in the State Records Committee, and not in the parties to a collective bargaining agreement. Human Resource Services (HRS)* OR Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Investigation (CRCI)* Retain until exoneration, then destroy. GS 03006 Rev. Records Retention and Disposition Schedule ED-1 supersedes and replaces all Records Retention and Disposition schedules previously issued by the State Archives for use by school districts, BOCES, county vocational education and extension boards and teacher resource and computer training centers: 1-S-1, 1-S-1A, 1-S-1B, 5-BOCES-1, 5-BOCES-1A and.

The Government Code, Section 441.158, provides that the Texas State Library and Archives Commission shall issue records retention schedules for each type of local government, including a schedule for records common to all types of local government. The law provides further that each schedule must state the retention period prescribed by federal. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) website includes forms, online training, and records retention schedules: Local Schedule SD applies to school district records. Local Schedule GR applies to records common to all local governments. Local Schedule EL applies to election records OSPI, the Washington Student Achievement Council, the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, and the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board are authorized by WAC 392-415 to: Establish standardized criteria for high school transcripts issued by all common school districts; and Establish definitions for credits, hours, and marking system so that commo State Records Management Manual (M210.7) Public School Code - Describes the retention of certain records of the Board of School Directors. 201 Pa. Code Rule 507 - Record Retention Schedules - Records retention schedules clarifies those offices that are scheduled by the County Records Committee,.

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Retention and Disposal Schedules. Retention & Disposal Schedules identify all of the records that are maintained by government agencies, regardless of format. Schedules define how long records need to be retained to satisfy administrative, fiscal, legal and historical requirements, and they specify if/when records can be destroyed The retention schedules cover a variety of records, including student records, financial records, and human resources/personnel records. View the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records retention schedules that apply to charter schools and then select Education K-12 from dropdown list at the top of the page The State Board and its authorized charter schools shall also comply with any records retention requirements set forth in State Board LEA policies and procedures, or state laws, rules, or policies that are not expressly included in this schedule

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The Archives and Records Management Division of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History has prepared this general retention and disposition schedule to give schools the legal authorization to retain and dispose of common administrative records. The schedule lists the permanently valuable records, which should be properly protected and transferred to the State Archives, and it. Each schedule lists the authorized retention period for that record type. In the past, the State Archives created separate schedules for each record type for each separate agency office. Our current retention schedules (below) apply regardless of which office produces the record. See the example below of grant management records State agency records retention schedules set both minimum and maximum retention periods. This requires that records be appropriately disposed of (for example, destroyed, transferred to the State Archives) when the retention period has been met. Help us blaze a better trail. Let us know how we can improve this page

It should be noted that the District Attorney in each Oregon County is an official employee of the State. Due to the status of the District Attorney position, the State Archives would recommend utilizing the State Agency General Records Retention Schedule for all financial records produced in county District Attorney offices These retention schedules give your agency the legal authority to destroy records, if it chooses, after the records have been retained the established time period as approved by the State Records Committee. (W.S. 9-2-411) If you have reason to keep a record longer, you may continue to house the records on your own Leadership Guides. Leadership guides and materials are provided for all PTA leaders. Position-specific handbooks are provided for president, treasurer, secretary, and a variety of chair positions. In addition, forms and booklets on a variety of other topics are available for download to help in running the business and programs of your PTA Electronic records shall be retained pursuant to the retention schedules adopted by the records committees of the State of Washington. The District shall maintain chain of custody of the record, including employing sufficient security procedures to prevent additions, modifications, or deletion of a record by unauthorized parties