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Natsu's past comes back to haunt him. When his birth parents find him and forcefully bring him back to there kingdom he has nowhere to run. Will the guild be able to save their 'prince' Natsu, or will he be trapped inside the place he dreads the most slowly remembering his past Natsu's eyes weakly slid open as he returned to the conscious world again, his sight blurred by black patches that made up most of his vision. He could feel the muscle in his arms tearing, his wrists torn and bloody from the chains they tied him up with. He couldn't remember where he wa Chapter 1 - Natsu's Secret Past! *I do not own any of the Fairy tail characters or anything related to it*. It was gloomy night in Magnolia, harsh rain was storming the wild city. The streets consisted of wet people running to find cover. A street light flickering and dying out, causing darkness to fill the street all the Fairy-Tail mages shouted as one, after coming out of their initial shock at the demon king's statement, causing E.N.D. to bring his hands to his ears quite suddenly. I wasn't aware that you had a queen, stated Erza Scarlet, her brown eyes wide with shock

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  1. Few in Fairy Tail knew it, but Makarov had two children, his son Ivan and his daughter Lillian. However, Lillian was taken when she was 9 never to be seen again. Now, 24 years later Lillian's daughter Hana Hikari Potter arrives on Fairy Tail's doorstep
  2. Natsu Dragneel fury is lost on the guilds mission board when someone sends out a request to find the entrance to Dragon's Straight. So team Natsu alongside Razz, and Gajeel set out to find the man responsible and put an end to it. Only to get something he didn't' barged for. AU, OOC, OC's

Watching fairy tail Fanfiction. Eyeryone looks around to see natsu to have a tears in his eyes from his memory which he recently got back. I'm so sorry guys I didn't remember any of this until a week ago I just didn't want to tell anyone about this I didn't really have a reason I was just scared that you would think I was a monster. You and Natsu have been together since day 1, but on July 7th of the year X777 their father (Igneel) disappeared. Wh... E- Erza, Rini whispered through her tears, it's my fault, I'm sorry. The small girl walked through the dark forest alone, cold, dripping in angui... Anastasia Claire. A non mage. Yes With new dangers and high tensions, the fate of the Fairy Tail Guild depends on the unlikely bond between fire and ice. The only question is whether or not Gray is willing to change his view on magic and trust the mysterious E.N.D. ~~~~ Crossover fanfiction between the animes Fairy Tail and Servamp, but can be read without any prior knowledge.

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Fairy Tail Redux: Salamander's Time Traveling Escapades (often shortened to FTR), is a Fairy Tail fanfic written by FoxOnPie. It starts off with all of Natsu's friends being killed by Zeref, but because of his desire to die, Zeref uses his magic to send Natsu's memories to his two-year younger self as a way to get Natsu strong enough to kill him and save his friends As he and his wizarding guild Fairy Tail get into adventures, Natsu always tries to find a way to succeed. The series was later adapted into an anime by A-1 Pictures, Dentsu Inc., and Satelight in.

15 The Hylian Fairy » by TeamRed1 Everyone in Fairy Tail knows of Natsu Dragneel's past. He was raised and trained by the Fire Dragon King, Igneel. He then joined Fairy Tail and ever since became the heart of the guild. However, there is a lot more to Fairy Tail's Salamander's past than what he has led his fellow guildmates to believe A young man, born from both Human and Dragon, struggles to overcome his past. However after meeting a young girl in the year 777x things get a tad easier. After meeting a group of people seven years later, the group unknowingly helps him overcome his past. They help him find love again. And help him.. fairytail. nanatsunotaizai. zeref. +10 more. # 3. The Black Wizard of Highschool DXD by Maimi-chan. 101K 1.4K 8. After dying from the hands of E.N.D. or Etherious Natsu Dragneel, Zeref Dragneel was resurrected by the god Ankhseram. Because of his nature of loving life, he was sent.. Anime/Manga Fairytail Natsu Zeref Gray Dragneel A girl who woke up one day, 7 years ago, with her memories missing is looking for answers to all her questions. All she knows is a name Natsu and images of 2 boys tormenting her dreams each night. She'll do anything it takes to get her answers

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400 years ago, Natsu was born as the younger brother of Zeref, and they lived peacefully in a small village with their parents. However, Natsu died at a young age alongside their parents, courtesy of a Dragon attack. This caused Zeref to research Magic and its relation to life and death and, much later, with Zeref using his dead body, he was revived as the strongest Demon: E.N.D; whose purpose. Shadowed Past is the name of my favorite fanfic. Deals with Natsu's past before he meets Igneel. NatsuMira. Natsu grew up in a village where mages are hated and Natsu ends up having fire magic. Tortured (sadly yes) and abandoned by his own parents Natsu is found by Igneel. Mainly explores Natsu and Gray's friendship and Mira's character Template:Fanon Infobox Blue 2. Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル, Natsu Doraguniru) Is the current and first Guild Master of the revived Fairy Tail Guild known as the New Fairy Tail Guild.Despite his history as a hot headed loon he has matured over time while searching for the past members of Fairy Tail in hopes to revive the guild to it's former glory Fairy Tail has been going for almost a full decade now, and that's a long time to remember everything about a single character, especially when there's so many other series every year. That's what this list is for—to test your knowledge or help you learn something new about the hottest character on Fairy Tail

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After a successful 11 year run -- including a popular anime adaptation -- the Fairy Tail manga ended in 2017. The popular shonen manga/anime enchanted fans with its rich, magical world and proved it was able to keep up with other hard-hitting shonen titles such as Naruto, Bleach and One Piece.. Part of the series' charm was the large roster of vivid characters and how distinct each wizard was Nov 11, 2016 - Read A/N from the story Kidnappers!!!(a fariy tail fanfic)*Slowly updated * by LemonDropRiko (LDRiko) with 4,895 reads. nalu, gruvia, stingyu. I'm very very so.. Zeref Dragneel (ゼレフ・ドラグニル Zerefu Doraguniru) was considered to be the strongest, most evil Mage of all time, who possesses extremely dangerous, and powerful Magic. He is the founder and former Emperor of the Alvarez Empire,4 under the alias of Emperor Spriggan (皇帝スプリガン Kōtei Supurigan), the older brother of Natsu Dragneel5 and father of August.6 1 Appearance 2. Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル Natsu Doraguniru) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein he is a member of Team Natsu.He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, having originally died 400 years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother's most powerful Etherious: E.N.D. (END, イーエヌディー, Ī Enu Dī).Natsu is also among the five Dragon Slayers sent to the future.

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The website was Fanfiction.net and the fic had around 20 chapters or so and was unfinished. It may be deleted now because it hadn't updated in a while. From what I remember it was like one of those Lucy leaves Fairy Tail fics, but wasn't at the same time. There was this bad guy and Lucy was trying to stop him (I'm not positive but Makarov. RELATED: 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters. All of the above explains Natsu and more, as he irrationally coasts through Fairy Tail with varying levels of strength, not quite enough to defeat his current masters but apparently more than enough to take on legendary wizards and demons when the situation calls for it. 9 Being Able To Eat Anythin Fanfic /. Charmed (Fairy Tail) Charmed is a Fairy Tail fan fiction by Bijuewled that explores the developing relationships of the characters but mostly the plot seems to be that Lucy is a target in some sort of conspiracy. Lucy is suffering from nightmares and visions that cause her pain. A mysterious brutal woman seems to be at the heart of it

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Just Another Reason to Hate Mondays - A Fairy Tail FanFic. This was turning into an awful Monday. Lucy sighed and tucked her head into the protective blanket barrier she'd built around herself. Three intakes of pain killers had done nothing for the sharp sting of pms-induced cramps that plagued her a full week earlier than planned. The sun. The seventh season of the Fairy Tail anime series is directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Bridge. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia of the fictional guild Fairy Tail. The season contains three story arcs.The first 27 episodes continue the Grand Magic Games (大魔闘演武編, Dai Matō Enbu-hen) arc, which. It was a normal day in the guild Fairy Tail. The sun was shining, and everyone was having a good time as usual. Natsu was sleeping on the table, across from Lucy. Geez, Natsu, why are you always sleeping? Lucy muttered. Suddenly, Natsu woke up. Hey, didn't Erza go on a job? Natsu curiously asked Lucy. Yeah, why? She left an hour ago

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Apr 2, 2021 - If I run out of power I'll borrow some from tomorrow . See more ideas about natsu, natsu dragneel, fairy tail I believe the only reason Natsu won against Sting and his little friend is because Natsu is the main character and he can shoot friendship beams. Not to mention he is basically fighting another version of his own race, a dragon slayer. I believe Erza is the strongest. Natsu is strong but I believe even him and are tied Bluenote Stinger (ブルーノート・スティンガー Burūnōto Sutingā) is the former Deputy Commander of Grimoire Heart.1 He is currently affiliated with Orochi's Fin as a hired aim.2 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Synopsis 4.1 Tenrou Island arc 4.2 Avatar arc 5 Magic and Abilities 6 Appearances in Other Media 6.1 Video Games 6.1.1 Fairy Tail Zeref Awakens 7 Quotes 8 Battles.

Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル Natsu Doraguniru) is a Wizard of the Fairy Tail Guild, he is a member of Team Natsu.He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, having originally died 400 years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother's most powerful Etherious: E.N.D. (END, イーエヌディー, Ī Enu Dī).Natsu is also among the five Dragon Slayers sent to the future from. Lucy (Heartfilia) Dragneel is a Fairy Tail Celestial Spirit mage and mother to Nashi, Liddan, Layla, Jude, and the triplets, Igneel, Mavis, and Luna. She is married to Natsu Dragneel and has accomplished S-Class in Fairy Tail. She is a character from the original Fairy Tail series. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 3.1 Original Story 3.2 The Later Years 4 Synopsis 5 Magic and Abilities 6. Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima.It was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine from August 2006 to July 2017, with the individual chapters collected and published into 63 tankōbon volumes. The story follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a member of the popular wizard guild Fairy Tail, as he searches the fictional world of Earth-land. Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is a Japanese manga series written and storyboarded by Hiro Mashima, and illustrated by Atsuo Ueda.It is a sequel to Mashima's Fairy Tail series, focusing on Natsu Dragneel and his team from the titular wizard guild as they aim to complete an unfinished, century-old mission. The manga was launched in Kodansha's Magazine Pocket manga app in July 2018, and is licensed.

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  1. g a father. Gajeel takes pride in the fact that he and Levy are one of the first in their generation of Fairy Tail members to have kids, but then he says something that makes a few of the other guys want to pick up the pace in their own relationship
  2. The ninth and final season of the Fairy Tail anime series was directed by Shinji Ishihara and produced by A-1 Pictures, CloverWorks, and Bridge. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia of the fictional guild Fairy Tail. This season contains two story arcs: the first seven episodes continue the Avatar arc (アヴァタール編, Avatāru.
  3. Fairy Tail left off on a cliffhanger as Natsu took his team on a fabled mission, and he did so without ever confessing. For a moment, the last chapter set up Natsu to admit his love for Lucy, but.
  4. ManeaOana 188 30 Mr. And Mrs. Claus blanania 742 23. Traditional Art. Natsu Dragneel_1 HyperART1 122 16 [Fairy Tail] Come on! Yuiccia 46 4 Juvia Loxar Fairy Tail Joakoart25 176 16 Erza EllirianaRei 102 13 Juvia's Relaxation SkylartMichiyo 43 22 Fairy Tail Lucy X Laxus Joakoart25 62 13. Image Edits

Jacob unleashes his true anger after Lucy and Natsu thwart his initial plans. Eventually, he targets the other Fairy Tail members trapped in his alternate dimension. Meanwhile, the Hargeon battlefield is blanketed in darkness as a new foe appears The first season of the Fairy Tail anime series was directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight. It follows the first adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia of the fictional guild Fairy Tail. The season adapts the first 16 volumes of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail manga series. Natsu befriends Lucy who joins the titular guild and later goes on missions with her. Nalu Fairy Tail Arte Fairy Tail Image Fairy Tail Fairy Tale Anime Fairy Tail Natsu And Lucy Fairy Tail Love Fairy Tail Guild Fairy Tail Ships Fairy Tales

May 11, 2015 - dedicated to all fairytail fans 3564725 Fairy Tail Sad Sad Fairy Fairy Tail Quotes Fairy Tale Anime Fairy Tail Natsu And Lucy Fairy Tail Ships Love Fairy Fairy Tales Nalu More information More like thi When Acnologia attacked Fairy Tail, Natsu was the only survivor. Thanks to a certain dark wizard, he gets a chance to go back in time and save his friends. Now the dragon slayer must relive his past battles, while also gaining the strength to defeat Acnologia and dealing with that annoying voice in his head It was the smell of food that drew him in, more than anything else. Natsu had been wandering for two weeks now, and he was getting sick of fish and berries. He was a dragon, not a bear! So when he smelled roasting meat in the big colourful building on the edge of town, he'd followed his nose to a kitchen window, wide open and well above his head

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  1. Fairy Tail is a whimsical and adventurous anime, full of Wizards, Dragons, and Talking cats! This epic series takes us through all the dangers that the members of fairy tail face and eventually overcome through mutual love and friendship. Through Arcs of all kinds Fairy Tail sticks together and learn more about their guild members past! Reddit.
  2. Natsu, a Horde vampire, desires nothing more than to find his father and leave his brother behind. Lucy, an immortal Valkyrie, just needs to get this Horde bounty off her head. Doesn't help the assassin after her is a gorgeous vampire with cherry pink hair
  3. Do you love Fairy Tail? If so, you might want to expand past canon itself and start exploring what the world of fanfiction has to offer. All over the Internet, fans are penning their own adventures for Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and the rest of the cast. This curated list will help you find some great new fic to add to your reading list
  4. fairy tail: the dragon's sin. anime & comics action adventure transmigration noharem opmaincharacter crossover fairytail sevendeadlysins meliodas nanatsunotaizai. 4.81. spoiler warning if you have not read the manga to seven deadly sins, fairy tail, or fairy tail 100 years quest, read at your own discretion
  5. A Fairy Tail FanFic; NaLu: Chapter 1 A Winter To Remember. Natsu sighed and stared at the sky. It was cold, but he did not feel a single breeze. He scrunched up his nose and started walking towards Lucy's house. The blonde celestial mage was Natsu's partner, and closest friend. Natsu jumped up onto her windowsill

Natsu Dragneel is a first generation Fire Dragon Slayer and member of the Fairy Tail. He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, who had died originally 400 years ago, having been revived as Etherious and become the former Tartarus leader as END (Etherious Natsu Dragneel). Fairy Tail Warcraft Age. 1 Profile and Stats 1.1 Power Ranking 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Plot 5 Powers and Abilities. fairy tail fanfiction Sabtu, 03 November 2012. At the past in fairy tail guild they found their parent but there parent is being couple with someone else only natsu and lucy that not couple with somebody else because they love each other

Natsu Dragneel is the male main protagonist of the Fairy Tail franchise.. He is a Fire Dragon Slayer and member of the Fairy Tail Guild. He is the adoptive son of Igneel and later revealed to be the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel and the illegitimate paternal uncle of August, having originally died just over 400 years ago before being brought back to life by his older brother as the most. Igneel left when Natsu was around 12 and spent around 5/6 years in Fairy Tail, not counting the years he skipped in the Eclipse. Hence, Natsu is currently around 17 or 18. Well it is hard determine the age as the dragon slayers have come from 400 years in the past.Technically Natsu is about 417-419 years old

Okay, so you've probably seen this all over the internet, but if you haven't, here you go: 1) E.N.D. stands for Evil Natsu Dragneel. 2) Zeref said himself that Natsu is the only person who can beat him (in the Tenrou arc).Later in the manga, (Tartaros arc), Zeref said that either Natsu or E.N.D. can beat him Meliodas can also send all the fire attacks back at Natsu with Full Counter, and Natsu can't eat his own fire. Last edited by Dark Soul # 7; 10-23-2020 at 12:17 AM . 10-22-2020, 11:22 AM # Fairytail King Rising Chapter 11 Of Acnologia S Past Is Fairy Tail Epic Zeref Vs Acnologia Natsu S Real Story 2019 Licht And Julius Black Clover Vs Zeref And Acnologia Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Wikipedia Share this post. 0 Response to Fairy Tail Acnologia Backstory fairy tail 100 year quest fanfic; fairy tail 100 year quest fanfiction

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  2. Fanfic: The Legend of Juvia Ch 1, Fairy Tail | FanFiction. Apr 11, 2021 Natsu x Juvia that I have never written Juvia in a lemon, or at least one that I can remember. Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or any of its characters. Fairy Tail. Today was turning out to be a strange day for Juvia. m.fanfiction.ne
  3. Fanfic : Mate Hunt Ch 1, Fairy Tail FanFiction Turok1456 2020. Possessive Natsu Dragneel Aug 16, 2016 · Natsu Dragneel Fairy Tail Reader Insert Adventure.. Jul 5, 2017 — What if Harry Potter had ended up with Hermione - or Draco Malfoy, for that matter

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work Chapter Text. The Fairy tail guild was filled with excitement as everybody gently passed around Margaret, she didn't make a fuss. She liked the attention, she was already quiet for a baby even without the noise of a dozen people baby talking her Feb 16, 2018 - Passion shouldn't cost a fortune. On AliExpress, shop online for over 111 million quality deals on Fashion, Accessories, Computer Electronics, Toys, Tools, Home Improvement, Home Appliances, Home & Garden and more

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None of them like to stay still. When Natsu's self proclaimed son, Happy waltzes out of the room meowing Laxus snickers. I see he's still blue. the blond jokes barely hiding the smile on his lips. Yeah thanks to you! Natsu snaps, pulling their baby boy into his lap. The feline purrs and immediately settles down Natsu's gender fluctuated between male and female. Though on some occasions, Natsu was neither, and on some others, they were both. Today was one of the days that Natsu couldn't find something to wear that showed what they felt like, and it was depressing them May 22, 2014 - Welcome to my art blog! I'm in love with GAJEVY so you'll see LOTS of it here. Have fun! Please reblog my art instead of reposting Fairy Tail is a whimsical and adventurous anime, full of Wizards, Dragons, and Talking cats! This epic series takes us through all the dangers that the members of fairy tail face and eventually overcome through mutual love and friendship. Through Arcs of all kinds Fairy Tail sticks together and learn more about their guild members past

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View and download this 1085x24 FAIRY TAIL image with 153 favorites, or browse the galleryThank you for watching this comic dub!— Join my voice acting server here htt Fairy tail Ships Comics Fanfiction Highest Rank #44 in Fanfiction 10/29/16 This is for all the fairy tail fans out there GaLe, Nalu, Jerza, Gruvia Comic strips/fan art Funny, Romantic, Sad Please enjoy! In a tunnel below Tenroujima, Natsu runs into Gildarts, the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail. Gildarts aims to teach Natsu a lesson he'll never forget, even if it means failing Natsu at the S Class Wizard Advancement Exam.. Natsu and Happy, along with Wendy and Carla, are the only ones left after Fairy Tail, guild and all, is sucked into an alternate world named Edolas! What's more, Carla seems to know something about what happened.. Nov 30, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Killua Zoldyck. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Advanced forces from Grimoire Heart have shown up on Tenroujima, Fairy Tail's holy grounds! Running into Levy and Gajeel would seem like bad luck, but these lackeys are a cut above! It's an all out guild war, and this time Gajeel is on Fairy Tail's side Licensed Fairy Tail Manga Discussion Thread Fairy Tail. Register: Forum Rules: FAQ: Members List: Social Groups: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read : AnimeSuki Forum > Anime Discussion > Older Series > Fairy Tail. The team is on a mission to help a native village on a island, but the celebrations afterwards leave Natsu to do some deep thinking about a certain celestial wizard that won't seem to leave his mind. ART BY @yaushie. The fire roared as cinders rose up in the night much like fireflies, stars gleamed in the night sky and the air tasted of.