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Skin tension lines represent a map of the direction in which the tension in the skin is maximal at different body sites, usually drawn on a diagram of the human body. The best-known skin tension lines are the Langer lines, named for Karl Langer, who described them in 1861. These are also called cleavage lines because they were determined by. The direction of the tension which exists on the skin while in the state of repose, known erroneously by many as Langer's lines, should be more accurately named relaxed skin tension lines (RSTL). The reason for this name, the actual direction they follow, and the great importance they bear in the ˦sthetic appearance of a scar are stated Relaxed Skin Tension Lines (RSTL) versus Other Skin Lines. Borges, Albert F. M.D. Author Information. Falls Church, Va. From the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Fairfax Hospital. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: January 1984 - Volume 73 - Issue 1 - p 144-150. Free

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Langer's lines, Langer lines of skin tension, or sometimes called cleavage lines, are topological lines drawn on a map of the human body. They are parallel to the natural orientation of collagen fibers in the dermis, and perpendicular to the underlying muscle fibers.Langer's lines have relevance to forensic science and the development of surgical techniques The lack of 'science' behind skin lines used for surgical excisions has been previously commented upon. 9 While Langer's lines run in a sagittal direction on the scalp, BEST lines run in a coronal direction; while RSTL/wrinkle lines run in a horizontal-oblique direction on the lower limb, BEST lines run in a vertical direction lines are produced by muscle or joint action, one only notes furrows. Borges coined the term 'relaxed skin tension lines' (RSTL) and advised using these lines on the face for surgical excisions. However, on the trunk and limbs, Borges consid-ered RSTL and wrinkle lines together.5 A small number o

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essential to respect the relaxed skin tension lines (RSTL, Fig. 5.2b) and the wrinkle lines of the skin. Whereas the RSTL correspond to the spontaneous course of wrinkles after relax-Fig. 5.1 Surgical anatomy of the skin. As a rough size comparison, the thickness of the cutis is given as 1 mm. 1 Vascular plexus in the papillary layer of th Scar redness in humans: how long does Surg. 8:1. Borges AF: Relaxed skin tension lines. You can write a book review and share your experiences. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. These lines are known as the Langer lines. Plast Reconstr Surg. 4. Borges AF, Gibson T: The original Z-plasty. first researcher to publish his. Black lines indicate. Langer! for this lower value of r, yield happens before fatigue!! generic load line r = S a / m! of r! of r! Table 6-6 lists the coordinates on the S a-S m diagram where the load line intersects the Langer and the Goodman lines! (Goodman)! These are two eqns in two unknowns S a and S m, as r = σ a / m is considered known)! These are two eqns. Langer's lines are defined by the direction that skin splits when pierced with a spike. It corresponds to the direction of collagen fibers in the dermis. Relaxed skin tension lines (RSTL) run perpendicular to the direction of muscle contraction. It is thought that orienting incisions along RSTL results in improved cosmetic outcomes Langer's Lines. Langer's lines are an important concept relating to cosmesis in surgery. These lines were first described by an Austrian anatomist, Karl Langer, mapping out the lines of minimal tension in the skin.. During surgery, incisions should be placed parallel to Langer's lines, where possible.This acts to reduce the tension and puckering, and aids in healing

The lack of 'science' behind skin lines used for surgical excisions has been previously commented upon. 9 While Langer's lines run in a sagittal direction on the scalp, BEST lines run in a coronal direction; while RSTL/wrinkle lines run in a horizontal-oblique direction on the lower limb, BEST lines run in a vertical direction. Mar 28, 2015 - Fig. 1. Relaxed skin tension lines (RSTL) and lines of maximum extensibility (LME). Inset shows rhomboid flap superimposed in optimum orientation. Dotted lines are short diagonals of the flap and indicate preferred flap orientation. Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 indicate possible flaps This is where orientation with regard to relaxed skin tension lines (RSTL) on the face (Figure 2) and Langer's lines on the body must be considered. Scars oriented along these low-tension lines are less prone to hypertrophy. More importantly, RSTLs are also natural wrinkle lines. Linear scars that mimic a natural rhytid line are often. Relaxed Skin Tension Lines. Skin Tension Lines followed during elective incision. Offers best cosmetic result. Most narrow and strongest scar line. Parallel to dermal collagen bundles. Perpendicular to muscle contraction. Langer Lines. Historically used to determine optimal incision line. Based on biopsy procedures on cadavers Langer's lines or clevage lines are the lines on the surface of skin which are caused due to the orientation of collagen fibers in the dermis. They run longitudinally in the limbs and circumfrentially in the neck and trunk. Incisions made along or parallel to the Langer's lines will severe fewer fibers as a result the healing is faster and.

• Langer's lines, and relaxed skin tension lines (RSTL) of Borges, show the direction in which excisions can be closed with least tension1 • Scars parallel to Langer's lines and Borges' RSTL generally give the best cosmetic outcome1 • Asking patient to smile can help identify RSTL lines on the cheek Langer's lines on the face are dynamic, with up to 90° rotation in their orientation, and the amount of rotation varying between different sites (ANOVA, p < 0.0001). 2. In some areas of the face, such as the cheek, they are easy to define, showing intermediate degrees of rotation. 3

An unavoidable and often unsightly complication of elective surgery is the inevitable scarring that follows. 1 Placing elective surgical lines of incision in favorable locations minimizes the aesthetic and functional loss due to scar contracture. In 1861, anatomist Karl Langer applied the research of Dupuytren to develop a full-body map of elliptical lines arranged from similarities observed. Unlike wrinkle lines, RSTLs are not clearly visible on the skin. While pinching the skin, however, RSTLs can be observed from the furrows and ridges thus revealed. The closer an incision comes to lying within an RSTL, the better the ultimate cosmetic appearance of the scar

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  1. These static lines of maximal skin tension are now known as Langer lines . Fig. 5.1 Langer lines were noted after puncturing the skin of cadavers with a sharp awl. (Langer, 1861, Fig. 4.) Fig. 5.2 Borges and Alexander relaxed skin tension lines indicate the directional pull that exists in relaxed skin
  2. Blaschko's lines are the pattern assumed by many different naevoid and acquired skin diseases on the human skin and mucosae. They were described and drawn by Blaschko 75 years ago. These lines are to be distinguished from other linear patterns such as Voight's lines, Langer's lines, and the lines of
  3. In the reticular dermis of the normal adult human, skin tension lines have an anatomical counterpart consisting of a pre Microanatomy of the dermis in relation to relaxed skin tension lines and Langer's lines Am J Dermatopathol. 1987 Jun;9(3):219-24. doi: 10.1097/00000372-198706000-00007. Authors G E Piérard, C.
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  5. dermatomes, Blaschko lines and exogenous patterns. Langer lines run in the di-rection of the underlying collagen fibers (least skin tension) and play an important diagnostic role for some exanthematous skin diseases. In the thoracodorsal region, the distribution of the Langer lines gives rise to what is referred to as a 'Christmas tree.
  6. Junction lines are fixed landmarks that separate the cosmetic units of the face. (See the image below.) Placing the suture lines on these boundaries (eg, eyebrow, nasolabial fold) optimizes scar formation. When a surgical wound is closed, repairing the wound in a cosmetic unit along a junction line is best
  7. Langer's lines. Click for larger image Relaxed skin tension line (RSTL) is a furrow created when the skin is pinched and relaxed in the absence of local tension ( Fig. 2 ) ( 8 , 9 )

Langer! for this lower value of r, yield happens before fatigue!! generic load line r = S a / m! of r! of r! Table 6-6 lists the coordinates on the S a-S m diagram where the load line intersects the Langer and the Goodman lines! (Goodman)! These are two eqns in two unknowns S a and S m, as r = σ a / m is considered known)! These are two eqns. While Langer lines are the best known skin tension lines, many variations on the original lines proposed by Langer have been made over the years. In 1951, for example, Kraissl [10] suggested that surgeons should incise along natural wrinkle lines rather than along the Langer lines. In 1984, Borges [6] defined the Relaxe

Principles of Wound Incision • Relaxed Skin Tension Lines (Langer's line) Is the skin lines oriented perpendicular to the direction of the underlying muscle fibers determined by examination of patient's natural skin creases at rest orientation of the final scar parallel to or within a natural skin crease gives a superior cosmetic result

Paul SP. Biodynamic excisional skin tension (best) lines: revisiting Langer's lines, skin biomechanics, current concepts in cutaneous surgery, and the (lack of) science behind skin lines used for surgical excisions. J Dermatol Res. 2017;2(1):77-87. CrossRef Google Schola • Collagen orientation ! skin lines (Langer's lines) - Perpendicular to long axis. Describe Relaxed Skin Tension Lines: • Finding RSTL - Relax the skin in an area by passive manipulation or by muscle movement - Pinch test • Parallel: regularly shaped furrows • Perpendicular: little skin motilit Pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis is usually identified in young adults (20-40 years of age). A history of current or previous cigarette smoking is identified in up to 95% of cases 1,4. It is a rare disorder with no well-established gender predilection, which appears to be more common in Caucasian populations 4 The Difference Between Fine Lines and Wrinkles. Many people use the words fine lines and wrinkles interchangeably, but there are actually considerable differences between the two. Not only do these two types of wrinkles appear on different areas of your face, treating the symptoms of both are different endeavors. Fine Lines But Ellen Langer, a Harvard psychologist, has long wanted to try. Social conditions may foster what may erroneously appear to be necessary consequences of aging, Langer suggested in Old Age: An.

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What are the Blaschko lines?. Blaschko lines or the lines of Blaschko are thought to represent pathways of epidermal cell migration and proliferation during the development of the fetus.. History of the lines of Blaschko. This concept was first described by the German dermatologist Alfred Blaschko in 1901 at the 7th Congress of German Dermatological Society The direction of the Langer's lines is supposed to be linked to the orientation of the collagen fiber network in the dermis . Even if the direction of the Langer's lines in vivo is known in theory, the individual pattern on local level might vary. Borges AF (1984) Relaxed skin tension lines (RSTL) versus other skin lines. Plast Reconstr. (A) Just before performing the biopsy, the lines of least skin tension (Langer lines) are determined. (B) The skin is stretched 90 degrees perpendicular to the Langer lines using the nondominant hand In this study, we present our experience with relaxed skin tension line (RSTL)-oriented, keystone-designed perforator island flap (KDPIF) reconstructions, in consideration of the facial aesthetic unit concept for coverage of small to moderate facial defects. Between May 2016 and February 2018, 17 patients (11 men and 6 women), with an average. Miltex. Noteworthy: The company's GripLite line has a new addition, the GripLite S 6 instruments. The name is derived from the fact that the hollow stainless steel handle is a #6 in size. The lightweight, large diameter handle was designed for dental hygienists, according to the company, and the instruments have an anti-roll feature to keep instruments stationary when placed on trays

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Langer's lines, which are sometimes referred to as the skin cleavage lines, are a series of lines drawn topographically across the human body. They correspond to the natural orientation of collagen fibres in the dermis and usually lie parallel to underlying muscle fibres. They are an important consideration in surgery and if incisions are. Kraissl's lines are a set of anatomical skin lines.They differ from Langer's lines in that unlike Langer's lines, which are defined in term of collagen orientation, Kraissl's lines are the lines of maximum skin tension.. Whereas Langer's lines were defined in cadavers, Kraissl's lines have been defined in living individuals. Also, the method used to identify Kraissl's lines is not traumatic Incisions around the Shoulder. Relaxed skin tension lines have been found to be more reliable than Langer's lines in assessing the optimum position for a cosmetic incision. Relaxed skin tension lines are determined at the time of operation by pinching the skin and observing the linear creases. The best defined lines occur when the skin is.


Justin Langer Gets Warning from Board, Job on the Line After Players Dissatisfied With Coaching Methods Justin Langer After an under-strength India came back from behind to hammer Australia 2-1 in their own den, some players had expressed dissatisfaction over Langer's management style Langer lines: [TA] lines that can be extrapolated by connecting linear openings made when a round pin is driven into the skin of a cadaver, resulting from the principal axis of orientation of the subcutaneous connective tissue (collagen) fibers of the dermis; they vary in direction with the region of the body surface. Synonym(s): lineae. Two parallel skin lines were marked along hair-follicle directions on pigskin, thereby indicating two parallel skin tension lines, about 2 cm apart. These were marked along 'Langer's Lines' i.e. cleavage lines on the pig and not along wrinkle lines (photographs show that in some cases, wrinkle lines ran across the skin tension lines) Brightline Eating is a marketing machine. All the online blog reviews of it contain multiple affiliate links, are obviously biased, and perhaps sponsored. The Amazon reviews of the book are overwhelmingly positive but when you look closely, many of them were written on the same exact date. HM

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What are Langer's lines and what did Borges describe? Langer (19th century) made circular awl wounds in cadavers which resulted in elliptical defects due to skin tension. Borges termed: RSTL - parallel to rhytids, perpendicular to underlying muscle fibres. LME - parallel to underlying muscle fibres, perpendicular to RSTLs.. Game Details Date 6/6/2021 Start 12:06 pm Time 3:47 Attendance 1825 Site Notre Dame, Ind. (Frank Eck Stadium) Weather STEAMY. Notes HAUS faced 1 batter in the 7th

Senior Open: Stephen Dodd two clear of Jerry Kelly as Darren Clarke and Bernhard Langer slip back Stephen Dodd posted a third-round 62 to tie the lowest round in the history of The Senior Open and. Langer's lines of skin cleavage were determined through incisions, especially of the trunk skin, in which defects align ovally according to the direction of corium fibers . In contrast to the RSTL and the wrinkle lines, these are not relevant in facial skin surgery. RSTL are lines which are visible after complete relaxation of the skin . These. Blaschko's lines represent a classic pattern of cutaneous mosaicism that can be observed in a wide variety of congenital and acquired skin disorders. They differ from dermatomes, and appear as single or multiple lines, whorls (swirls) and wave-like shapes in the skin. Mosaicism describes an individual composed of two or more genetically different populations of cells existing side by side.

orthogonal to Langer's lines. Other in vivo studies investigate the use of dynamic indentation to identify and measure the properties of elastomers and skin specimens [8]‐[9]. However, no reference to a change in the material properties with respect to Langer's lines has been made The Bottom Line. There are two important lessons we can take away from Langer's study. If you're going to ask someone for a favor, be sure to use the word because and give the person a reason to fulfill the favor. We use reasons—both logical and illogical—to justify our own behavior. Be aware of that. Take stock of the reasons you use in. Envy the tiger and the zebra no longer. You have stripes of your own. Human skin is overlaid with what dermatologists call Blaschko's Lines, a pattern of stripes covering the body from head to toe

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