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  1. Fermented foods top the list of trendy superfoods for 2021, according to an annual nutrition survey from Pollock Communications; blueberries, green tea, exotic fruits, seeds, avocado, spinach, kale, nuts, and salmon are also trending
  2. In 2021, your fridge, pantry and fanny pack will be full of delicious, cutting-edge new snacks and staples. From mushroom broth to pancake bites, here's a sneak peek at the latest in food innovation. 1
  3. g food trend in 2021 will be experimenting with new oils in cooking, whether for health benefits, flavor benefits or both. Some new ones to try include pumpkin seed oil, sunflower seed oil and avocado oil
  4. 10 Tasty Food Trends We'll be Devouring in 2021 from the Food Network. 1. Chickpeas - Chickpeas check a lot of 2021's trend-right boxes: they're versatile, inexpensive and a great wayadd plant-based protein to all kinds of meals. 2. Plant Jerky - Plant-based jerky will be one of the choice snack foods of 2021
  5. ated 2020. See what the future of food might look like with industry pros' predictions for the top food trends of 2021

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  2. g Your Way in 2021, According to Food Experts While no one could have predicted the worldwide pandemic, toilet paper shortage, and
  3. ated Isaac Toups, chef and owner of Toups Meatery in New Orleans and author of Chasing the Gator: Isaac Toups and the New Cajun Cooking. Not to mention.

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  1. For 2021 the trends will go towards comfort and simplicity. This is due to the pandemic, and everyone looking for a sense of comfort and normalcy. Unfortunately, restaurants are also just trying..
  2. Plant-Based Foods Plant-based items continue to be a trend into 2021, as 28 percent of people said that they have been eating more protein from plant sources during the pandemic, according to IFIC...
  3. Boba (bubble) tea isn't new to the food and beverage scene by any means, however, for those who have been sleeping on the trend, 2021 may be your year to try it. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, and is made with sweetened tea, milk, and tapioca balls often called pearls
  4. Top Food Trends for 2021. Mushroom Broth: We've seen organic chicken and grass-fed beef bone broth both have its moment, but immune-boosting mushroom broth will be a new shelf-stable star since.
  5. First up in our 2021 shopping cart is the healthy cocktail trend. Consumers are reaching for more alcohol-free spirits, low-calorie alcoholic beverages, and boozy versions of popular healthy beverages ahead of 2021, reports Laurentia Romaniuk, Trend Expert and Senior Product Manager at Instacart. We've seen sales for trendy alcohol-free.

Capitalize on these trends in 2021 and beyond: 1. Plant-Based Diets Growing Like Weeds What many thought was a fad is now mainstream The food and beverage industry faces constant change and various challenges but that hasn't stopped the industry from flourishing. The 2019 worth of the restaurant industry is $863 billion, which is up from 2018's value of $825 billion.As a whole, the business will continue to thrive, but independent restaurants will feel the impact of shifting restaurant industry trends The 12 biggest global food trends for 2021, from vegan innovations to letterbox cocktails We break down the surprising culinary trends and innovations set to shape your dining in the year ahead, each pioneered by trailblazing chefs adapting to the changing tastes of diners during the pandemic Sabina Vyas, senior director of strategic initiatives and communications at the Plant Based Foods Association, sees three main categories of new plant-based and alternative ingredients coming into..

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  1. Food Trends 2021: Air Frying Is King The airfryer has been around for a while now but only in 2020 have people started to see the true power of this machine. Maybe it's because the pandemic has made us seek out comfort food more than ever or maybe it's because consumers are all about instant gratification nowadays
  2. Pumpkin spice was just a new Starbucks flavor, not yet a way of life. As 2020 gets going—the start of a brand new decade—we wanted set out to discover what the next five years of food would.
  3. Dairy-free ice cream, macarons, and meringues made with aquafaba will also take a center stage of our food prediction trends for 2021 as consumers clamor for plant-based versions of their favorite sweets
  4. In October 2020, Whole Foods published a report predicting the trends that'd be taking over the world of food in 2021. Among others, the company suggested that next year will see a range of new oils rise in popularity among at-home chefs. These include walnut and pumpkin seed oils, which are said to imbue their dishes with an earthy, nutty flavor
  5. The home delivery food scene is leveling up this 2021. It's more fun to food trip at home with trending innovations in Manila today from Collaboration Kits, Lechon Baka, Cochinillo Craze, Limited Edition Pies and much more. Here are the 10 food craze trending now in Manila
  6. Maple sugar is big for 2021 Chef Simone, founder of Art Delectables in Los Angeles, told foodandwine.com that new granulated and liquid form alternative sugars are huge right now. A favourite of..
  7. Top Food Trend Predictions for 2021 With many aspects of 2021 tentative - travel, consumption preferences, health and wealth - predicting food trends for 2021 is challenging. Covid-19 restrictions are still affecting how people consume food, purchase groceries, eat at restaurants and interact with quick-service restaurants in 2021

Foods using grain alternatives like almond, coconut, and cassava flours are major trends we'll continue to see in 2021, says Cassetty. These products are typically gluten -free, and they often.. Food trends come and go but we still want to try the restaurants home to them all. Here's where you can get your hands on all the latest grub. Men's Fashion Tips & Style Guide 2021

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Check out this A to Z guide to get in on some of the top 2021 food trends. Amla. 21 New Foods and Ingredients to Try in 2021 originally appeared on usnews.com. Related News 2. Healthy eating - for us and the planet. The pandemic has shone a light on health, and 2021 will build on 2020's healthy buying trends - but Al Overton, buying director at Planet Organic, says that this will go hand-in-hand with purchases made for the health of the planet and community. Sustainability will be a key food trend Consider this summer the welcome back tour for many consumers. They'll be looking for new and exciting foods, this year, more than ever. We'll break down the top food trends you should be on the lookout for in 2021. Pickled Veggies & Fruit In 2021, many food trends we've seen start this year will likely carry over, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and people continue to cook at home, order take-out, and get more things. Boba. Shutterstock. Boba (bubble) tea isn't new to the food and beverage scene by any means, however, for those who have been sleeping on the trend, 2021 may be your year to try it. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, and is made with sweetened tea, milk, and tapioca balls often called pearls

Thus, our 2021 food trends report using artificial intelligence and machine learning focuses on the changing F&B themes in India, China, Singapore, and North America. Themes that explored in our report are the innovation in immunity, increased intake of protein foods, localization of plant-based proteins, and intermittent fasting. The inability. 10 Food Trends for 2021 Already on Restaurants' Minds. 1. PACKAGING DESIGN, LABELING, AND MESSAGING TAKE CENTER STAGE. More than ever in a COVID and post-COVID world, CPG packaging and restaurant menus need to be the workhorse, the salesman, and the savior for products and dishes February 05, 2021 Top 10 New and Rising 2021-22 Food Trends Top 10 New and Rising 2021-22 Food Trends. Tags: Trend food trends Top 10 New and Rising Trends 2021 - 2022 In the ever changing landscape of food and drink, it can be a dizzying experience to keep an eye upon all the latest developments, which is why we have helped you to to zone in one the most exciting with our Top 10 New and Rising Trends of 2021 - 2022

Bland is banned and things will get hot in 2021.. But the food trends don't end there. Charcuterie boards will also get a breakfast and dessert makeover, coffee gets an upgrade, kombucha gets. Related: Whole Foods Market predicts these top 10 food trends will skyrocket in 2021 The global health crisis has changed consumer preferences in new and unexpected ways, says Vince Macciocchi, president, Nutrition. We are seeing a heightened demand for foods and beverages that support immune systems, enhance our mood and reduce our environmental impact, driven in part by emerging human. We're saying goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021 with pickles, pesto, and comfort food. While the coronavirus pandemic impacts will likely shape how and what we eat for years to come, we're excited by the 2021 food trends experts from the grocery, restaurant, and hospitality industries are predicting

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The way we eat (and what we eat) is about to change in 2021. After all, 2020 changed a lot of things, including the pattern of food consumption which took a completely new route.As we redraw the outlines of this new generation consumer behaviour, four emerging new needs have been trending The New Year always means new catering trends and food styles. 2021, however, will mark far more than just a new year with new fads.. As 2020 draws to a close, and we look toward the future, we are filled with hope for a better year. We yearn to connect with loved ones, visit new places, and celebrate the important milestones in our lives The Plant-Based Food Trends We Expect to See in 2021. It's not about giving up meat completely. December 01, 2020 When it comes to plant-based milk alternatives there are a few new trends to.

7. Spicy is the new umami. According to Pinterest Predicts (its annual trend forecast), bland is banned.. Instead, spicy flavor profiles are making 2021 look like a real scorcher. Searches for jalapeño pepper jelly recipe and hot honey recipe have been on the rise, and it looks increasingly like tongue-tingling foods will. Food trends are a sign of the times, and our 2021 trends are no exception. Ryan Andrews, a registered dietician and principle nutritionist at Precision Nutrition, told Good Morning America that between COVID-19 outbreaks at meatpacking plants and temporary grocery store food shortages, people are thinking more about where food comes from To clear up any misinformation of the cocktail and appetizer circuit, proper charcuterie, is a meat-only tray. The modern spin of adding cheese, olives, little toasted almonds and other what nots.

Our food trends report shows that home cooks are out front, leading the way on what's new and exciting in food. Check out our 10 trends to get a sneak peek at 2021. The post Taste of Home Names. Here are some trends we're already seeing that are set to be big in 2021. Takeaway, delivery and at-home meal kits. Mr. Wong At Home. According to IBISWorld, the fast food and takeaway foodservices market size, measured by revenue, is $16.9 billion in 2020 Food and drink trends of 2021 include upcycled snacks, unique spice blends, and amped-up coffee. Chris Wellhausen. Say goodbye to whipped coffee and banana bread, and hello to the latest food and. 2021 BBQ and Grilling Trends. 1. Vegetables 24 / 7. 2021 will be the year of the grilled vegetable. I sure hope so, as in May, Workman Publishing will bring out my 31st book: How to Grill Vegetables. Of course, we'll continue to grill veggie standbys, like peppers, corn, and zucchini Top Foodservice Trends of 2021. Staying informed on foodservice industry trends is essential for identifying the wants and needs of your customers, as well as shifting dynamics in the foodservice industry. In 2020, businesses around the world confronted the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing them to adjust to a new business environment and adhere to.

The food industry was one of the first to feel its effects, with supermarkets experiencing panic buying and restaurants having to close their doors. Since then, things have settled into the 'new normal', but consumer buying and eating habits have changed - perhaps forever - and this will impact the trends for 2021 and beyond Food Trends 2021 conclusion. This list shows that the topic of sustainability has a pronounced influence on the food trends 2021. It is increasingly important to consumers and producers that food does not harm nature or humans. The food trends make it clear that eating should be fun, creative and that there are no culinary limits This year, the whole food trend Committee predicts that in the coming 2021, new flavors, different cooking methods and emerging products will attract the attention of the industry and consumers. For example, functional foods with health attributes, varied coffee, nutritious and ceremonial breakfast, and dried meat made of fruits and. January 12th, 2021. January 12th, 2021. Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why, has today (12 January 2021) announced three key trends for the global food, drink, and foodservice industries, including analysis, insights, and recommendations centred around the 'now' (next 12 months), the 'next' (18 months+), and the 'future.

Restaurant Trends in 2021. After a lengthy period of challenges, the restaurant scene looks set to be buzzing again. Read our Restaurant Scene 2021 Consumer Trends report or view the findings below. Read the Restaurant Scene 2021 report (PDF Food trends are a sign of the times, and our 2021 trends are no exception. While Whole Foods Market's predictions for 2020 , including regenerative agriculture, new varieties of flour and meat-plant blends, continue to evolve, the 2021 trends represent what's new and next for the coming year and what consumers should expect to see on.

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2021 is all about fermenting, buying local and garden ingredients. January 08, 2021 - 15:13 GMT Sophie Hamilton. These are the 10 food trends to try in 2021 - from kelp kimchi and tornado. Recognising this transformation, Mintel's 2021 Global Food and Drink Trends are inspired by recent shifts in consumer purchases and attitudes across industries. Through collaboration with consumer analysts and insights from Mintel Trends, a global team of food and drink experts have identified new opportunities in line with three of the.

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The Top 10 Trends In Plant-Based Food In 2020—And Where We're Going In 2021 New research linking overconsumption of eggs to Type 2 diabetes is only the latest bit of The food future of. Food forward: Trends to watch out for in 2021. Balance of payments reverts to short fall in Jan. By Christina Alpad and TMT. February 4, 2021. A year after the surprising rise of ube pandesals, sourdough breads, sushi bakes and Dalgona coffee from cabin-fevered home cooks and bakers, will there be new trends for homebodies' to try this 2021

The growing attention of US consumers to issues such as health, organic food, sustainability, as well as a new 'green' approach to shopping show how the Covid emergency is heavily influencing the affirmation of new trends in the food sector. This scenario places Italian food products among the first options of choice. Italianfood.net organized a webinar to delve into the F&B market in. Last year, we saw a slew of TikTok food trends, including hot cocoa bombs, pancake cereal, whipped coffee and cloud bread. Here are just a few that are taking off right now. Birria taco New research from Ai Palette, a startup using artificial intelligence to keep track of consumer food preferences, has pinpointed what may be the hottest food trends in Asian markets next year. [Disclosure: Ai Palette is an AgFunder portfolio company. AgFunder is the parent company of AFN.]. 2020 has been, to say the very least, a mentally exhausting year for pretty much everyone on the planet From creative canapés and cocktails, to vegan catering and street food vans, these are the top wedding food trends for 2021 The Top Wedding Food Trends for 2021. While 2020 saw many brides-to-be press pause on their wedding plans, and although the new lockdown measures haven't exactly got the new year off to a roaring start, we're.

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Food Trends 2021 - Which New Food & Drink Products Will Be Hot in 2021? In this post, we make some educated predictions based on reliable data sources about what's in store for the world of food and beverage over the next 12 months and beyond. Food trends are important to watch,. Story continues. In 2021 a good quality vegan alternatives will be the norm, so expect more improvement on meat and dairy mimics, especially as plant-based options are already popping up next to their animal-based equivalents in supermarket aisles.. Seaweed will be 2021's superfood. Waitrose saw a 23% increase in seaweed sales in 2020.

Whole Foods Market is among one of the most highly watched trends predictors every year. The natural products retailer's food and health trends predictions for 2021 range from consumers bringing cereal back as a pantry staple to the more specific growth of chickpeas and fruit jerky. There have been radical shifts in consumer habits in 2020 TikTok's latest food trend is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Hooking people with its surprisingly simple preparation, frozen honey is the summery dessert taking over the app. To make the naturally sweetened treat, simply fill a water bottle with honey and pop it in the freezer anywhere from a few hours to a full day

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Director of Plant Based Innovation, Derek Sarno, recently revealed to Vegan Food & Living the vegan food trends set to feature on plates in 2021. Sarno is famous for his wizardry with mushrooms, so it's no surprise to hear that he's predicting that 2021 funghi will come into play in an even bigger way as a top vegan food trend in 2021 2021 Wedding Trends: The Hottest Flowers and Designs Now 11 Wedding Cake Trends to Know in 2021, According to Top Bakers 15 Sweet Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Weddin Banana bread grilled cheese sandwich is the latest food trend of 2021 Banana bread was among the most popular food trends of the year 2020. It featured on the 7th position among the top 10 recipes trending globally as per Google's Year in Search Applications > Pet Nutrition > 4 North American Pet Food Trends to Watch in 2021 4 North American Pet Food Trends to Watch in 2021. Chad Wethal | 4 March, 2021. New product development in North America pet food, treats and supplements was down 28% in 2020 when compared to the prior three-year average, according to Innova

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Jan 26, 2021 at 11:13 AM. Takeout and delivery have become a part of life for a majority of the country's diners, a trend that's expected to continue in 2021, according to a new report by the. 2021 Restaurant Industry Trends. We surveyed 6,000 restaurant operators and 1,000 consumers, to find out the food and menu trends likely to endure. In this 2 page report, we share culinary and restaurant trends through 2021 TuttoFood 2021. One of the largest exhibtion in the food industry is Tuttofood 2021 . Held in Milan, Italy this B2B event is for the entire agri-food ecosystem. A showcase for consumer trends and a place to observe market dynamics. Over three days in October 2021 the fair will be the meeting point for food industry professionals

The chickpea, which we predicted as growing in popularity in 2021's food trends, is vegan, super versatile and high in fiber, Bukowski said. Banza has turned chickpeas into pasta, pizza and rice, Siete Foods has a grain-free chickpea tortilla and Biena's vegan ranch chickpea puffs are a new take on the old-school cheese puff This trend was dominant in 2019 and only made more important by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and moving into 2021. Food as medicine, naturally functional, and superfoods all come to mind when thinking about proactive health The Flavors You'll Start Seeing Everywhere in 2021, According to Experts. Chili Crisp Is the Chinese Condiment Popping Up at Restaurants and on Grocery Store Shelve. Wine Tasting Party Ideas That Will Put Everyone in Good Spirits. This Online Furniture Store Is the Best-Kept Secret for Discounted Secondhand Finds 2021: The trends to watch in food and beverage. Meaningful stories, plant-based everything and foods to improve your mood are just some of the trends to watch in 2021 according to Innova Market Insights' annual Top 10 Trends report. Kim Berry takes a look at what's hot

From changes in technology, to getting creative with pampering guests, to the support of mental health initiatives, these 2021 post pandemic predictions created by Foodmix CEO Dan O'Connell and the Foodmix team will aid in kicking off the new food era we are about to embark on. Foodmix Marketing Communications' 2021 Predicted Food Trends Based on trends that either arose for the first time or became more popular last year, the editors of Nation's Restaurant News predicted a few foods and themes that will be popular at restaurants in 2021. (Related: 100 Easiest Recipes You Can Make. Well, 2020 was quite a year—and one we're glad to leave behind. That said, it was also a year that brought some pretty great food trends, including an explosion in home baking and TikTok-inspired projects like whipped coffee and hot chocolate bombs, to name a few.Making predictions is always a tricky proposition—and it seems even more so now than ever—but we've taken a crack at it. 8 trends that will shape the grocery industry in 2021. After one of the most tumultuous years in recent memories, experts say 2021 will be the year grocers move from reacting to strategically managing for long-term growth. Editor's note: This story is part of a series on the trends that will shape the grocery industry in 2021 Food Trends in 2021: Know about the top food and dining trends that are going to rule 2021 like cloud kitchens, safe and hygienic digital menu, healthier food choices, takeaway and delivery.

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Lyons Magnus, a global foodservice and ingredient source, released predictions for five emerging trends that will influence food and beverage menus in 2021 and beyond. We use our proprietary research and analysis to support our partners with targeted trend insights to help them identify opportunities that will resonate with their customer base, John Koch, vice president national accounts. Here are some guesses as to what new food and drink trends we'll see popping up—or making a comeback—in 2021. Digital Menus Digital menus have been one of the restaurant industry's most prominent changes during the pandemic, reducing the constant touching and passing that comes with a regular menu Shopify recently highlighted in their report into the food and beverage trends of 2021 that In a 2020 survey conducted by FMCG Gurus —a market research company specialising in food—80% of consumers worldwide indicated they were planning to eat and drink more healthily in 2021 as a direct result of COVID-19 Five mega food trends to watch in 2021. Healthy food is certainly a roadmap towards future wellness and personal growth. Covid-19 pandemic has changed the whole flavor of the restaurant and food business. With customers opting for more health, sustainable and immunity boosting foods, year 2021 would see more and more such concepts hitting the.

1. Well-being is served. The lines are blurring between the supplement and grocery aisles, Whole Foods writes in its announcement, and that trend will accelerate in 2021. That means superfoods. Food Trends for 2021 Focus on Diverse Cuisines, Home Cooking and Sustainability An increase in plant-based products and sales is one of many positive food trends to look out for in the coming year, as well as carbon-conscious brands, the growth of home cooking, culturally diverse cuisines, and heightened awareness of food insecurity. Summer is here and the June 2021 food trends are packed with warm-weather eats. Chips are the unofficial snack of the summertime and chip brands are giving consumers plenty of options this year. For example, Frito-Lay debuted three creative new Lay's flavors for summer 2021, including Chile Mango, Wavy Jerk Chicken, and Summer BLT 9 Healthy Food Trends for 2021 The forecast is for nutritious eating! Dec 31, 2020. 0. 0. 0. shaping 2021 into a bright, fresh year! Here are nine healthy food trends to look out for in the coming new year. Herbal and botanical extracts. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, people are now very aware of protecting their immune systems,.

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Predicting food trends is a dubious exercise in any year, but those who dabble in the dark art of culinary prognostication have never faced a landscape harder to read than 2021 /Homepage /Blog Listing /8 Innovative Food Technology Trends for 2021 8 Innovative Food Technology Trends for 2021 New food technology trends have transformed the food and beverage manufacturing industry and associated businesses from within, leading to beneficial changes and improvements across the board

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This annual top ten report provides the trends in response to the ever-evolving and consumer-centric food and beverage industry. The new trends for 2021 are: 1) Transparency Triumphs; 2) Plant-Forward; 3) Tailored to Fit; 4) New Omnichannel Eating; 5) In Tune with Immune; 6) Nutrition Hacking; 7) Mood: The Next Occasion; 8) Product Mashups. With talk of the easing of lockdown and restaurants set to reopen sometime in the spring, we've finally dusted down the crystal ball to see what 2021 might bring in terms of restaurant and eating out trends. Part one: lifestyle trends Innova Market Insights, food trend specialists for over 25 years, unveils its annual Top Ten Trends report. The comprehensive report equips manufacturers, retailers and brands with the latest insights to drive innovation and answer current consumer demands. Innova Market Insights' Top Ten Trends for 2021 provides an in-depth delve into how the food and beverage industry has progressively evolved

With 85% of consumers saying they've made changes to their food consumption due to COVID-19, knowing the top 7 food industry trends for 2021 is essential to the success of food manufacturers and food scientists alike. So just like we highlighted the Top 7 Industry Food Trends for 2020, we've got your back for 2021, too! 1. Transparency Triumph They identified food items rising in popularity by comparing Grubhub orders placed from January to June 2021 to those placed in the same time frame in 2020. The plant-based sausage wrap saw the fastest growth on Grubhub during the first six months of 2021 ― a 549% increase in popularity compared to that time last year

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Then, by word of mouth, I heard about the Nacho Table Trend and Whipped Coffee. All the chatter was enough to lure me in and [...] 60 Biggest TikTok Viral Recipe Trends of 2021 - Best TikTok Recipe Food trends are a sign of the times, and our 2021 trends are no exception, said Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, chief marketing officer at Whole Foods Market. There have been radical shifts in. Below, we look at the biggest trends and new kitchen ideas in 2021. 1. Concealed kitchens. Small space living gives way to even more kitchen innovation, like the kitchen pictures above. This chic open-plan space conceals the cooking area with chameleon-like skill, allowing the focus to be on entertaining 5 biggest food trends and tendencies in 2020-2021! Read more about popular concepts for restaurants, cafes and take away places after Coronavirus/Covid-19 Experts Predict The Summer Grilling Trends Of 2021 (And They're All Creative) Veganism and new grilling methods, along with a casual atmosphere, play a huge role in this year's predicted trends. One thing that hasn't changed or, if anything, has gotten even more popular, is backyard barbecuing. During the pandemic, people turned to their grills.

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Tastes in food took a dramatic turn last year, as the pandemic restricted dining out and turned millions into avid home bakers. Such trends aren't about to go away: no one thinks 2021 will be a. The 2021 Australian food trends were shaped by a year that no one could have predicted revealing these most popular foods in Australia. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but particularly the hospitality sector which suffered multiple shutdowns for extended periods depending on where venues are located Here are 15 party trends to expect for 2021 events. Covid Safety Precautions This might seem like a no-brainer, but it's definitely going to be a major party trend as we move into 2021. Kari Dirksen, CEO and Lead Planner at Feathered Arrow shared, As we transition into a new normal amid the pandemic, parties may look a little different. Yelp's Biggest Food and Drink Trends for Summer 2021. Brenae Leary, Senior Communications Manager. Thursday, June 3, 2021 • #News, #Data; mussels and more, seafood tower review mentions are up 26% as Yelpers look to find their new favorite raw bar Vegan Grub Dominates Fast-Food Chains' Menus; KFC, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, California Pizza Kitchen, and so many other fast-food and fast-casual restaurant chains found success in 2020 after adding vegan options, which can only mean one thing: The 2021 vegan fast-food scene is going to be off the charts. McDonald's is already making moves: According to reports, it will begin testing a new.