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Zyklon-B was a Norwegian black metal band founded in 1995. The band's members were Tomas Samoth Thormodsæter Haugen (guitar and bass) and Vegard Ihsahn Sverre Tveitan (keyboard) from Emperor, Kjetil Frost Haraldstad (Drums) from Satyricon and Björn Aldrahn Dencker Gjerde (vocals) from Dødheimsgard. Their lyrics deal mainly with death, apocalypse and warfare Zyklon-B. Profile: Zyklon-B was a Norwegian black metal band founded in 1995, consisting of members from Emperor (2), Satyricon and Dødheimsgard . The name refers to the gas used in the concentration camps during the Third Reich. Despite the name and certain bandmember's earlier interviews praising fascism, the band states that Zyklon-B is. Zyklon-B/Blood Must Be Shed/Malicious Records/1995 CD Review. Zyklon-B where a band from Norway that consists of many well known members of that scene with a musical style that I would be describe as being hateful, raw and primitive sounding black metal and this is a review of their 1995 ep Blood Must Be Shed which was released by Malicious. Zyklon-B Label from public data source Wikidata; Sources. found: Blood must be shed, 2004: label (Zyklon-B) found: Encyclopaedia metallum WWW site, viewed March 27, 2014 (Zyklon-B; country of origin: Norway; location: Notodden/Oslo; formed in 1994; years active: 1995-1998; genre: black metal;.

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  1. THE METAL ARCHIVES. ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM. Ilona the Very Best. Ilona Had Been Elected. SUPPORT OR DIE. Cogumelo Records. Witches Brew Label. Bolt Thrower Music Rionegro. Zyklon-B Metalgrafia. Zyklon-B. Draug Aldrahn Vocals: Dødheimsgard, The Deathtrip, ex-Thorns, ex-Old Man's Child
  2. THE METAL ARCHIVES. ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM. Ilona the Very Best. Ilona Had Been Elected. SUPPORT OR DIE. Cogumelo Records. Witches Brew Label. Bolt Thrower Music Rionegro. Zyklon is not to be confused with Zyklon-B, which was a past side project by members of . Emperor, including Samoth and Ihsahn. The two
  3. Zyklon-B by Deathrune Records, released 17 August 2012 Postage paid up to 500 grams , feel free to add a 2nd t-shirt or similar as there's room left

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Zyklon-B - były norweski zespół blackmetalowy, założony w 1995. Grupę tworzyli m.in. Ihsahn i Samoth z formacji Emperor czy Frost z zespołu Satyricon. Mimo skojarzeń zespołu ze śmiercionośnym gazem cyklonem B, używanym w komorach gazowych podczas Holocaustu, grupa uważa się za apolityczną IG Farben was founded in December 1925 as a merger of six companies: BASF (27.4 percent of equity capital); Bayer (27.4 percent); Hoechst, including Cassella and Chemische Fabrik Kalle (27.4 percent); Agfa (9 percent); Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron (6.9 percent); and Chemische Fabrik vorm. Weiler Ter Meer (1.9 percent). The supervisory board members became widely known as, and were said.

- Oneiroscoepe- Traces of reality- Symptom- The paramount Empire- Wrapped in plasti Blargh. Aldrahn. Dødheimsgard (also known as DHG) is a Norwegian extreme metal band formed in 1994. Dødheimsgard originally played black metal, but 1999's 666 International saw them change their style into experimental and avant-garde / industrial metal. In 2000, they shortened their name to DHG. Their name,Dødheimsgard is a contraction of. Zyklon-B var ett norsk black metal-band, som grundades 1994.Bandet bestod av medlemmar från olika black metal-band, inklusive Samoth från bandet Emperor. [1] Zyklon-B släppte en EP, Blood Must Be Shed 1995. [2]Senare kom ett annat norsk band med namnet Zyklon, som också har Samoth som medlem. [3] Detta band bör inte förväxlas med Zyklon-B. Övriga medlemmar i bandet var Ihsahn från. Zyklon-B egy rövid életű black metal együttes volt. 1995-től 1999-ig működtek. Pályafutásuk alatt mindössze egy EP-t jelentettek meg. Nevüket a Holokauszt idején használt készítményről kapták. Tagjai szerint azonban nem kapcsolódik az együttes a politikához.[1] A Zyklon-B ugyanazokkal a zenészekkel rendelkezik, mint a Zyklon együttes, ezért időnként az emberek.

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Thornspawn. Profile: Thornspawn was formed in 1993 by Blackthorn (drums, vocals) and Swornghoul (guitar) in San Antonio, Texas. They were later joined by Lord Necron (guitar) in 1995. In 1996 they released their first demo The Dacian Empire which was followed by a second demo in 1997, Consecration of Evil Flesh NSBM tapes for sale (tapes without mentioned price = 2 €). Minimum order: 5 € Prices are without postage. / Payment paypal. AEIOU (Rus) - F.H.T. (side project of Wewelsburg, color pro-glossy cover, lim.to #500) BILSKIRNIR (Ger) - Ahnenerbe (tape EP version, pro cover, lim.to #500) BLUTEN (Svk) - Years of Hate & Misanthropy (reh.tracks from 2000-2002, lim.to #500, glossy cover

Zyklon-B / Swordmaster: 1: Showing official release groups by this artist. Artist information Type: Group Founded: 1994 Dissolved: 1995 (1 year)Area: Norway Rating. Genres (none) Other tags (none) See all tags. External links. Discogs; Library of Congress; Metal Archives; Musik-Sammler; VIAF: 307471412; Wikidata: Q245483; WorldCat; View all. The Spanish answer to Zyklon B or Niden Div 187. Vocals sound a lot like Aldrahn. _____ Petrus Thomas Ratajczyk, 1999: I hate myself, wish I'd die. Top . 77hjrttfred Metal newbie. Joined: Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:15 pm Posts: 33 Posted: Back to the Encyclopaedia Metallum

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  1. Nervengas - The Rise Of Zyklon B Nocturnal - Thrash With The Devil Nocturnal Graves - Satans Cross Adv. Demo Nocturnal Grave - The Demos 2004 4€ (Dubbed , with Cover) Old - Blood Skill Rehearsal Tape 2004 Paria - Blut & Knochenstaub Pentacle - Winds Of The Fall (got it from Wannes , First Demo on B side
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  3. Well as for me I'm mostly speaking from experience with cider/apple wine, and homegrown apples, unless they're sprayed with some Monsanto Zyklon-B, all kind of creepy things want to eat them from the inside before harvest, so it's not recommended for beginners unless you want to check a lot if all your apples are fine
  4. War metal bands include Blasphemy, Archgoat, Impiety, In Battle, Beherit, Crimson Thorn, Bestial Warlust, and Zyklon-B. Brutal death metal. Brutal death metal is a subgenre of death metal that privileges heaviness, speed, and complex rhythms over other aspects, such as melody and timbres
  5. Yes, Nargaroth is a racist and probably neo-nazi black metal band. You don't have to look very far to find examples of the nauseating racism, xenophobia and bigotry of the band Nargaroth, just read the review Nargaroth is racist by Antifa666 on Metalious. Pay particular attention to the right-wing nazi commenters who engage in a
  6. The Wretched End. THE WRETCHED END was formed in 2008 as creative collaboration between Samoth (Emperor/ Zyklon) and Cosmo (Mindgrinder). Samoth and Cosmo have previously worked together on the infamous deathpunk project Scum. Cosmo has also played with Zyklon when Zyklon toured Europe as special guest for Morbid Angel in 2001

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  1. THE METAL ARCHIVES. ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM. Ilona the Very Best. Ilona Had Been Elected. SUPPORT OR DIE. Cogumelo Records. Witches Brew Label. Bolt Thrower Music Rionegro Scum, ex-Zyklon, ex-Zyklon-B, ex-Embryonic, ex-Arcturus, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Thou Shalt Suffer. Kveldulv / Nocturno Culto Guitars (1996-1997): Darkthrone, Gift of Gods, Sarke.
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  4. Dimmu Borgir (/ ˌ d ɪ m uː ˈ b ɔːr ɡ ɪər /) is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band from Jessheim, formed in 1993.The name is derived from Dimmuborgir, a volcanic formation in Iceland, the name of which means dark cities or dark castles/fortresses in Icelandic, Faroese and Old Norse.The band has been through numerous lineup changes over the years; vocalist Shagrath and rhythm.
  5. The father of the 2nd wave BM riff and enigma behind Thorns. A figure so central to the Norwegian BM story that perhaps only Euronymous himself casts a longer shadow over it
  6. Mayhem, what a hardworking band. See the list..ánd been on tour in between and on over recent years. Sounding locktight. Thus hail on that. Look at what treasure you can pump through your Hifi systems now

Albums, videos and art featured on this site have all been found on public forums, sites and networks, already freely available to the public. They are featured here for review purposes only. Support the original artists ex-Dead to This World, ex-Sahg, ex-Det Hedenske Folk. Taken from The Complete Tolkien Companion by J.E.A. Tyler: Gorgoroth 'Dreadful Horror' (The Sindarin or Grey-elven tongue) -. A word in the Grey-elven tongue, used for two different locations, distinct in time and space.... the second instance is the name of the

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Trade/sale list + wantlist updated 12./08. Payment only through Paypal. If you find something interesting, send me your tradelist or take a look at my wantlist in the second post of this thread. I'm only interested in CD's (no CDR's or licensed CD's!) in mint condition and mainly Black Metal. I'll always reply but there is no. other databases: http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Zyklon-B/Necrolust_-_Total_Warfare/34805 [ Explore releases from Acherontas at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Acherontas at the Discogs Marketplace Zyklon B - The Law Of The Claw (Logo) T-SHIRT. Nastrond - Age Of Fire T-SHIRT & LONGSLEEVE € 30.00 Nastrond - Toteslaut T-SHIRT & LONGSLEEVE € 18.0 Zyklon-B var ett norsk black metal-band, som grundades 1994.Bandet bestod av medlemmar från olika black metal-band, inklusive Samoth från bandet Emperor. [1] Zyklon-B släppte en EP, Blood Must Be Shed 1995. [2 Zyklon B was the trade name of a pesticide invented in Germany in the early 1920s. It contains hydrogen cyanide as well as other.

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01 Ulver - I Troldskog Faren Vild. 02 Gehenna - The Shivering Voice of the Ghost. 03 Immortal - Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss. 04 Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times. 05 Bak De Syv Fjell - De Siste Tanker. 06 Burzum - Ea, Lord Of The Depths. 07 Gorgoroth - Litani Til Satan. 08 Old Man`s Child - Born Of The Flickering Alphabetical list of heavy metal, death metal, black metal, grindcore, thrash, speed metal and doom metal bands from the net's oldest metal sit Feb 19, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Tony. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres A zyklon-B egy halálos gáz volt, amelyet a nácik használtak a Holokauszt idején, a Zyklon szó németül ciklont jelent, norvégul a szó syklonnak van írva. Secthdhamon és Destructhor később a Myrkskog alapító tagjai lettek, Samoth és Trym pedig jól ismertek az Emperorból Zyklon - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archive . Zyklon was a Norwegian blackened death metal band formed in 1998 by Samoth and Trym of Emperor, along with former members of Myrkskog Zyklon B emits hydrogen cyanide gas which is the gas used in German gas chambers and formerly Zyklon-B is an insecticide that consists of hydrogen cyanide.

So i will not be posting those. Debut Demo, released on Pagan Records in 1993. This is the first step of Mortiis after his departure with Emperor. DOWNLOAD HERE! Debut album, released on Malicious Records in 1993. Født til å Herske (Pt. 1) (27:37) Født til å Herske (Pt. 2) (25:23 Call of the Wild sadly doesn't offer up anything new or nuanced as far as the Powerwolf formula. From the songwriting to the very samey look to the cover artwork, if could be mistaken for any of the last 4-5 albums they've released, and that seems such a shame, for a band which puts this much effort into its material to play it so safe, when the formidable talent they've got could be applied.

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  1. Mayhem (också känd som The True Mayhem) är ett norskt black metal-band som grundades 1984.Mayhems medlemmar har skiftat genom åren, men nämnas bör svenske vokalisten Dead, Per Yngve Ohlin (1969-1991) och norske gitarristen Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth) (1968-1993).En klassisk Mayhem-låt är Freezing Moon, skriven av Dead.Bandets debutskiva, EP:n Deathcrush, gavs ut 1987
  2. Straight Out of Hell is another of Helloween's modern albums to mix the familiar with the new, and to benefit creatively from the merging of the two.It's another album that I feel goes underappreciated if only because these Germans are an embarrassment of riches...they're a band so great in general that I don't know if most can process them at an appropriate level
  3. Iaj Entertainment, Medellín. 415 likes · 2 talking about this. Iaj Entertainment: Productora de contenidos audiovisuales enfocados en música
  4. s. Finally unleashed, 'Versus All Gods' the anticipated 9th full ar mageddon manifesto from Asia's most notorious Godz of War IMPIETY.10 tracks of uncompromising, lightning fast Black Death Metal savagery that mocks and scorns mankind, spits fire and fury unto the face of useless deities, and.
  5. ous, the inky splashed logo and title font, and the earth circling around the massive obsidian pumpkin which seems ready to devour it at any moment, but in truth The Dark Ride has.
  6. But that's another thing that stands out, beyond his excellent guitar playing, Kai Hansen's nasally, unique vocals. Plenty of range, but he sounds like he's a soldier battling his way through the apocalypse. I mean Andi Deris can get fairly aggressive with his own style later on, but Kai's just had an 'attack' to them, when merged with the.
  7. Se Zyklon B for informasjon om giftstoffet. Zyklon-B var et norsk black metal-band, etablert i 1994.Bandet besto av personer fra forskjellige black metal-band, bl.a. Samoth fra Emperor.Zyklon-B ga ut én EP, Blood Must Be Shed.. Senere kom det et band som heter Zyklon, som også Samoth er med i, dette bandet må ikke forveksles med Zyklon-B. Andre medlemmer i bandet er Ihsahn fra Emperor.

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  1. g that's it's just hipster racism so it's acceptable. There is no such thing as acceptable racism. Racism is a hate crime. Pure Holocaust score: 7/100. - Back to Pure Holocaust
  3. Zyklon-B was a Norwegian black metal band founded in 1995. The band's members were Tomas Samoth Thormodsæter Haugen (guitar and bass) and Vegard Ihsahn Sverre Tveitan (keyboard) from Emperor, Kjetil Frost Haraldstad (Drums) from Satyricon and Björn Aldrahn Dencker Gjerde (vocals) from Dødheimsgard
  4. Go to https://www.thetruemayhem.com for De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive Vinyl/CD/DVD /Hoodies etcBandcamp: https://bit.ly/2h9mUTaSpotify: https://spoti.fi/2T..
  5. ous (Album de.
  6. Black metal este un subgen extrem al muzicii heavy metal care a apărut la începutul anilor 1980.Black metalul combină elemente din genurile thrash metal și death metal, fiind caracterizat de tempouri rapide, stil vocal de tip shrieking, chitare puternic distorsionate, înregistrări lo-fi și implementarea unor structuri neconvenționale melodiilor
  7. UMORAL Umoral EP 7 black vinyl. Norway 2007 Vendlus Records Mp3 320kbps Line-up: Zweizz - Vocals Teloch - Guitars, Bass Hellhammer - Drums.

Wongraven has been a solo project of Satyr from Satyricon where. he's made keyboard-based music with a medieval atmosphere. 01. Del 1: Det Var En Gang Et Menneske. 02. Del 2: Over ødemark. 03. Del 3: Opp Under Fjellet Toner En Sang Full-length, Adipocere Records 1996. 1. The Castle of Blackheim 07:14. 2. Blackheims Quest to Bring Back the Stolen Autumn 06:17. 3. Beyond the Spiritual Moon 00:56. 4. The Sphere in Blackheim's Shrine 03:32

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SOLEFALD Black For Death: An Icelandic Odyssey : Part II Season of Mist 2006 320Kbps 1. Red For Fire, Black For Death 2. Queen In the Bay of Smok Mayhem discography and songs: Music profile for Mayhem, formed 1984. Genres: Black Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, Thrash Metal. Albums include De mysteriis dom Sathanas, Deathcrush, and Grand Declaration of War Tomas Haugen, född 9 juni 1974, är en norsk musiker, mer känd under pseudonymen Samoth.. Samoth började sin musikaliska bana i gruppen Thou Shalt Suffer tillsammans med vännen Ihsahn.Som många andra inom den tidiga norska black metal-scenen valde han att gå under en pseudonym i banden han spelade.Pseudonym Samoth (eller Zamoth) är helt enkelt hans förnamn baklänges Мейхем в Общомедия. Мейхем (на английски: Mayhem, в превод поразии, хулиганство или хаос) е норвежка блек метъл група, основана през 1984 г. в Осло от Ойстейн Аарсет. Групата се счита. I now realize that this is coming off the heels of Skeletoncoast's popular black metal post. I imagine him sitting in a corvette laughing while two bikini clad Swedish girls drink champagne in the back. They are all laughing at me as they peel out and splash mud on my new tuxedo. Someday Skeletoncoast...someday. 4

Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad, also known as Frost by his stage name, is a Norwegian drummer for Satyricon and 1349.1 Frost has previously performed with Gorgoroth, Zyklon-B, Gehenna and Keep Of Kalessin.2 He originally joined Satyricon temporarily to record the demo The Forest is My Throne, later joining the band full-time.3 He has a degree in Engineering, having taken a course in Computer Science. Black metal -yhtyeet pyrkivät luomaan synkän ja kylmän äänimaailman nopeatempoisilla kappaleilla, joissa korostuvat rock- ja metallimusiikin kolmen soinnun kaavoista poikkeavat sovitukset, nopeat tempot, tremolona soitetut terävät ja diskanttiset sähkökitarat sekä rääkyvä, korkea örinälaulu.Black metal -perinteeseen kuuluu myös tarkoituksellisen yksinkertainen tuotanto ja. Is Emperor a National Socialist Black Metal band? Don't let racist, fascist, misogynist, White supremacist black metal fans tell you they aren't. This user courageously exposes the true racism of Emperor. Even the name Emperor is obviously a slang for Führer. Trust me, I know. There are two essential components of an online anti-racist activist Zyklon je bio norveški industrijalni black/death metal sastav osnovan 1998. Osnovali su ga Samoth i Trym iz grupe Emperor s članovima sastava Myrkskog i Daemonom, pjevačem skupine Limbonic Art.Glazbeni se stil sastava opisuje kao moderni death metal sa suptilnim utjecajima black i industrijalnog metala.Nakon dvogodišnje pauze u radu službeno se razišao u siječnju 2010

Is Gorgoroth a National Socialist Black Metal band? According to some particularly retarded anti-racists, it is. Just read this article titled Gorgoroth is Racist and you'll see the most laughable anti-racist hysteria since Trump is Hitler KKK. Normally I would just laugh about it, but it's quite sad to see these affirmative action faggots pollutin Варг Вікернес (нарв.: Varg Vikernes [ˈvarɡ ˈviːkeɳes]; 11 лютага 1973 г, пры нараджэнні атрымаў імя Крысціян Вікернес (Kristian Larssøn Vikernes), таксама вядомы як Граф Грышнак (англ.: Count Grishnackh) — нарвежскі музыкант, стваральнік і адзіны. Vegard Tveitan (n.10 octombrie 1975), mai bine cunoscut sub numele de scenă Ihsahn, este solistul vocal și chitaristul formației norvegiene de black metal Emperor.Ihsahn nu a dezvăluit niciodată de la ce provine pseudonimul său. În prezent Ihsahn se concentrează exclusiv asupra proiectului său personal, formația eponimă Ihsah Du 20 au 23 juillet 2017, le petit village de Simandre sur Suran dans l'Ain à proximité de Bourg-en-Bresse, accueille pour la 3 ème année consécutive le « festival viking » Ragnard Rock Fest.. Au-delà du p aganisme pour la promotion des religions pré-chrétiennes (viking, slave, celte, grecque, ) et de la philosophie des guerres barbares (troupes de soldats, combats médiévaux. Satyricon er et norsk black metal -band, der blev dannet af Vegard Wargod Tønsberg Bakke og Carl-Michael Exhurtum Eide i 1990 under navnet Eczema. De to stiftere indspillede dog kun en enkelt demo med bandet, før de forlod det. Den daværende sanger Sigurd Satyr Wongraven overtog derefter styringen af bandet, og sammen med.

Варґ Ві́кернес (норв. Varg Vikernes [ˈvarɡ ˈviːkeɳes]; нар. 11 лютого 1973; при народженні отримав ім'я Крістіа́н Ві́кернес, норв. Kristian Larssøn Vikernes; також відомий як Граф Ґрі́шнак, англ. Count Grishnackh) — норвезький музикант, творець і єдиний. Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad, bedre kendt som Frost, (født 28. juni 1973 i Øyer, Oppland, Norge) er trommeslager i black metal -grupperne Satyricon og 1349 . Blandt hans tidligere bands er Gorgoroth, Zyklon-B, Gehenna og Keep of Kalessin . Han kom midlertidigt med i Satyricon til indspilningen af demoen The Forest is My Throne, og gik først. Satyr (født Sigurd Wongraven 28. november 1975) er en norsk musiker. Han er mest kendt som sanger, guitarist og bassist i det norske black metal-band Satyricon. Han var det grundlæggende medlem af bandet og har til dato udgivet 2 demoer, 6 album og en live-dvd Full Distro Stock-8/18/2020. *Email all orders and questions to deadbutdreamingtapes@gmail.com. *Disclaimer* Some of the titles I have here may be some artists/bands, whatever you prefer to call it, might have certain views that conflict with your own. I do not believe in censorship

Mayhem is a Norwegian black metal band formed in Oslo in 1984. They were one of the founders of the Norwegian black metal scene and their music has strongly influenced the black metal genre. Mayhem's early career was highly controversial, primarily due to their notorious live performances, the 1991 suicide of vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin (Dead. Black metal je extrémna odnož heavy metalu.Medzi obvyklé črty patria rýchle tempá, mimoriadne skreslené gitary, tremolovanie, blast beaty, zlá kvalita zvuku a nekonvenčné štruktúry skladieb.. Počas 80. rokov niekoľko thrashmetalových kapiel vytvorilo prototyp black metalu. Táto tzv. prvá vlna obsahovala kapely ako Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer a Celtic Frost. Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn. 2,286 likes. Summoning is an Austrian black metal band. Since their formation in 1993 they have released seven albums and two EPs on Napalm Records. Their lyrics make

At first, it was an unfortunate coincidence. But then his voice and his music became my go-to during those dark days and nights. Be it his groundbreaking introduction with Zyklon B and Old Man's Child, his psychotic direction with DHG, or his genre-setting contributions to Thorns. This one man has haunted my dreams (and nightmares) for close. Mayhem (också känd som The True Mayhem) är ett norskt black metal -band som grundades 1984. Mayhems medlemmar har skiftat genom åren, men nämnas bör svenske vokalisten Dead, Per Yngve Ohlin (1969-1991) och norske gitarristen Euronymous ( Øystein Aarseth) (1968-1993). En klassisk Mayhem-låt är Freezing Moon, skriven av Dead Emperor under Wacken Open Air 2014. Emperor är ett norskt black metalband från Notodden, aktivt mellan 1991 och 2001 och återigen från och med 2005 till 2007. Bandet var även aktivt mellan 2013 och 2014 och från 2016 Arcturus er et norsk avant-garde metal-band dannet i 1987.. Igennem hele deres karriere har Arcturus eksperimenteret med elementer fra mange forskellige musikgenrer, deriblandt black metal og klassisk musik.. 16. april 2007 offentliggjorde bandet at de opløstes og udsendte en officiel pressemeddelelse 17. april. I 2011 blev bandet genforenet og udgav d

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Mayhem — нарвежскі блэк-металічны гурт, утвораны ў 1983 годзе. З'яўляюцца аднымі з заснавальнікаў стылю і сімвалам true black metal.Гурт набыў статус культавага пасля таго як загінулі яе ідэйныя лідары - вакаліст Пер Інгве Олін. Jan Axel Blomberg född 2 april 1969, är en norsk trumslagare, mera känd under pseudonymen Hellhammer och även under namnen Jan Axel von Blomberg, Hauptman Hammer, Von Blomberg och Mr Hellhammer.. Blomberg blev under pseudonymen Hellhammer medlem i black metal-gruppen Mayhem 1988.Karriären började dock i bandet Arcturus 1987.I Mayhem har han medverkat på samtliga studioinspelningar, utom. Old Man's Child (v překladu Dítě starce) je norská melodic black metalová kapela založená v roce 1993 ve městě Oslo zpěvákem a kytaristou Thomasem Rune Andersenem alias Galderem a kytaristou Jonem Øyvindem Andersenem alias Jardarem.. První demo s názvem In the Shades of Life vyšlo v roce 1994, v roce 1996 spatřilo světlo světa debutní studiové album Born of the Flickerin

Zyklon b sweden | nyheter från bsweden finner du i vårtNervengas - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal ArchivesBESTIAL WARLUST - Blood & Valour -- BackpatchNergal / Lykaionas - Mesaionas / Legions of the Serpentthrashaggressor: The Wretched End MetalgrafiaHardingrock - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal ArchivesHATE FOREST : Nietzscheism Vinyl box - KVLT shop